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Jan 24, 2021
Looking for some help with my '92 3FE with an A/T attached. Realized that I had been losing some oil slowly over the last week and I might've found the problem. Where there should be a bolt, there seems to be a hole instead. The picture is back looking front just above the oil drain between the engine and the transmission.

What I am having trouble finding is a part number or a size for said bolt that works. I have attempted M10 and M12 up to 50mm, but nothing seems to fit right. I've scoured my typical go-to sites, but I keep coming up empty-handed. Without pulling out a bolt and further damaging the housing, does anyone with a 3FE know the size I should be looking for or a link to a part? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I can't help with the bolt specs but I have seen 3 leaky 3fes that looked identical to yours get fixed with an oil pan gasket replacement.

My 3FE was leaking from there, oil pan gasket fixed. Use a genuine gasket or one-piece replacement. A lot of aftermarket gaskets are 4-piece. The single was enough of a pain to install.
That is not a bolt hole. It is a weep hole. The 2 outer bolts hold an inspection plate in place that covers access to the flexplate.
That's not where your leak is coming from. Most likely it is the oil pan arch seal. Possibly the rear main seal, but you won't know until you pull the oil pan down. Toyota used a 1 piece cork gasket for the oil pan. Part# 12151-61011 which is still available for about $25.
69 in/lbs for the 22 bolts.

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