80 series drivetrain

  1. U

    Help help help

    Hi everyone new here I have a 96 80 series gxl auto running a 4” lift with 35s Things I have done 5deg caster plates Adjustable Panhard bars Brake lines and all sway bar extensions. Deal is My 80 series has a bad death wobble at times and 99% of the time the wobble is slightly there...
  2. enox

    80 Series front tires squealing when turning

    hi all, few weeks ago i purchased my first 80. this site has been a very big help. one part i cant figure out... 1996 80 series, 230k mi, no locking axles. i purchased this with a missing driveshaft, original owner had no "known knowledge" it wasn't there. i purchased one and installed it, now...
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