1. krs2fur

    For Sale 91/92 FJ80 Radiator - DEAL

    First off - I am NOT selling a radiator!!!! I have been shopping around for a(nother) replacement radiator for my 91 80 series and came across what appears to be the deal of the century, so I thought I would share the knowledge. Pep-Boys is currently offering a 25% discount (at least in my...
  2. RedComet

    1992 FJ80 Birfield and Axle Questions

    Hi guys, long story short, I had a major failure of my brake hardlines this past weekend driving to a camping trip. Lots of smoke from the caliper area. After we towed the truck home we started tearing apart the knuckles to change the seals and overhaul everything, (I had noticed my seals were...
  3. Bjorn Ogderlund

    For Sale For sale: A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80

    The old girl got an extra pedal and I've got the old A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80 for sale. 220K when removed in May. Not many miles since, unless you count scurrying around the shop floor. They both ran nicely together with the 3FE until the 5spd swap was done. It'd be a shame to toss such a nice...
  4. Jon long

    2 Gen Pickup Mud Flaps

    Can anyone provide me with detailed pictures of their mud flaps for a 2 gen pickup. I am hunting for a full set and want to get an idea of what components I will need.
  5. S

    For Sale Land cruiser 1992

    Toyota Land cruiser 1992 For sale for $18,000 Excellent condition 4 door, 4 wheel drive, A/C power steering, diesel turbo, 7 seater, power windows, power mirrors, and remote lock SUV, right-hand drive, automatic transmission, with alloy wheels It is a very low milage SUV with 60,000 miles...
  6. dividedwood

    For Sale Nebraska: 1992 FJ80, 3x locked w/ARBs, 9.5XP winch, 161K miles, much more $10K

    Hey guys, I am selling my 92 FJ80 that I bought from another MUD user last November. Price is $10K. 161XXX miles. I love the truck, but am realizing after 6 months that I want something with more creature comforts as my daily. (I was in a 2-door Jeep before this.) My other vehicle is a ’74 Land...
  7. D

    Key Fob Replacement

    I recently purchased a 1992 FJ80 with all the electric goodies. Yet when I got the keys from the old owner it was just the one spare - the kind of spare you get from a key shack, not a factory key. I have contacted the local Toyota dealership for guidance and searched both here and the web for...
  8. 1

    1992 Land Cruiser Update

    Hello Everyone, i haven't been on the forum for quite a few months. I am thinking of selling my FJ80 and wanted to see if i can get an opinion on how much i should ask for? It has 228k miles on it. I would say that it is in very good condition. Interior is great, no rips or tears in the seats...
  9. jozefwright1

    Builds Joe's 1992 LJ78 Build Thread

    Hi Guys I wanted to create a thread for my new 1992 LJ78. Picked it up 3 weeks ago with 110,000kms on the clock. Really tidy I am brand new to diesels, landcruisers and working on them. After reading a lot of your threads there is so much cool stuff I have seen done to LJ78's that I would...
  10. INNOV8S

    For Sale FJ80 parts

    L and R seats. L and R front marker lights. Wiper linkage, and wiper arms. Interior plastic trim: center console, door covers, rear storage cover and door. Wheel flair. Rear bumper cap, pass. side. and front bumper cap, missing boss inserts for mounting, chrome bent. $150 takes all...
  11. Dim130

    SOLD 1992 HDJ80 LHD Fully overland prepped

    ***SOLD*** Hi, My wife and I have been on a PanAmerican overland adventure as our honeymoon for the past 9 months starting in Urugay and travelling North. We plan to end our adventure by the end of September in the US and we'll sell our HDJ80 there. The full description (including lots of high...
  12. WarWagon

    For Sale 1992 80 Carpet Set....

    Carpet is great.....just a bit dirty. $60 plus shipping. 770-654-6863 cbr.usc001@gmail.com
  13. WarWagon

    For Sale 1992 Land Cruiser Master Cylinder....

    Nothing wrong with this at all to my knowledge. I replaced it thinking it was faulty only to discover the culprit was really a torn brake line! OEM off my '92......$50 plus shipping. cbr.usc001@gmail.com 770-654-6863
  14. jkredman

    91 Getting Hot

    After years of wanting one, I finally picked up my first lc. It is '91 and definitely a project (I don't think the previous owner ever thought about maintaining or fixing anything on it) but I am enjoying bring in back to its former glory. Anyways, a few weeks ago I took the rig up to the...
  15. 1

    Better, but a little discouraged

    So, just an update on the work we have done to my 92 LC. We adjusted the timing, changed the fuel filter, adjusted the valves and did a Seafoam treatment. Took him for a drive, came back, re-adjusted the timing and the valves. The main issue was that I would hear valve chattering at about...
  16. 1

    New to Forum - 1992 Land Cruiser

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I tried to upload a pic the other day and I think something went wrong. My name is pokey and I recently purchased this 1992 FJ. Seems pretty good so far, hubby has changed spark plugs and wires and re-routed some vacuum lines that were crossed. We will be...
  17. 1

    Help - Questions on Cleaning Headliner on a 1992 LC

    I am new to the forum and am having trouble finding the answer to my question. Got a 92 LC last weekend and have been working on cleaning it up. Finally got to the headliner and realized it is totally disgusting. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean it? I was using a basic carpet/upholstery...
  18. cruisedeisel

    1992 isuzu elf

    Any body know anything about these trucks? I was thinking of trading my bj60 for it. craiglist link Isuzu elf import
  19. Josey1972

    Parting Out 1992 80Series Indiana

    I'm parting out one of my 1992's and putting the engine and built axles (locked and geared) on my other 1992. Some may know this truck as "The Trail Whale". As you can see from the pictures its seen Cruise Moab and I know plenty of other adventures in Colorado and surrounding areas. I took it to...
  20. T

    For Sale 1992 TEXAS 80 -ARB, OME, SLEE, 152K-

    I found this truck through this forum and hopefully someone else will. I let Craigslist have a week (more like weak) headstart due to the fact I am looking to replace it with a diesel. Two birds with one stone sorta thing. It has yielded the expected hilarious result. So here she is... It has...
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