3B Diesel - head problems continue

Jul 22, 2002
Well, I guess I was warned ... I have replaced the head gasket on my 3B; however, it didn't seem to solve the problem completely.

When I started the engine, it ran fine with clean exhaust up to running temperature. Everything seemed to be perfect until I shut it down and restated it. When restarted, it began to produce alot of white smoke. So, I re-torqued the head and went through the same procedure. It was fine up to running temperature, but after the engine was cooled and restarted it began pumping out white smoke again.

Here are my questions ...

I have torqued the head to 87 ft lbs (118 Nm) as indicated in my manual ... does that sound right ... or am I under torqued?

Or, should I just order a new head?

Or, could it be something else that i'm not thinking of?

Thanks for your advice

Jul 14, 2003
Vancouver BC, Canada
White smoke at start up is the nature of the beast with the 3B my friend. Do you have manual or automatic glow plugs? My `82 BJ-42 has manual plugs and I know that if I don't cycle them for at least five seconds before starting it up (even in July) it will chug and puke white smoke until it's good and ready to stop. Check the glow plugs for continuity, just to make sure they're working right (I think it's supposed to be a dead short to the cylender head). If it keeps it up after it's warm, you're probably just a little lean. Change your fuel and air filters and check your water seperator for (what else?) water. Air in the fuel will do it too. Bleed the fuel system using the bleeder screw on the out hose of the fuel filter (just crack it while the engine's running, or use the priming pump), and also crack the lines going to each nozzle while the engines running (one at a time), close them when the bubbles go away. 87 ft/lbs is what I've got in my manual as well and it's what I torqued my head to after I re-built my engine, so that should be o.k. If none of that works... I probably don't have to tell you what else could be wrong.
Hope that helps.
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Did you mag the head refore replacing the gasket?? Does the white smoke go away after a couple of minutes?? If not, my bets are a cracked head between the valve ports. I've got one like that in my garage right now! If the smoke does go away after a couple of minutes just get used to it. It's a diesel after all.
Did you follow the torquing pattern from the manual? You need to follow the pattern to avoid undue stress as the head is torqued.
Sep 28, 2002
Kamloops, BC Canada
In the time you owned the vehicle did you ever loose water in the engine, water pump go and overheat?

I am trying to think a little outside the normal, could it have anything to do with the diaphram on the back of the fuel pump. When those suckers go you will see a lot of white smoke mostly when backing off the throttle.

I have never prerformed a routine maintenance were you are to put a couple of shots of oil in this diaphram to keep it from drying out and cracking. This is what I have been told should be done once or twice a year.

Good luck.


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