350 power steering

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Mar 27, 2003
i'm sure this topic has been talked about before, but i was woundering about whats involved, and what equipment i need to buy special or what i can get at local junkyard and or parts store..
also any body do a 350 conversion with a th350 for their transmission? ran into some serious problems with lining it up to get it to fit. any help would be appriciated.
I used the power steering pump that came with the 350, and had custom hoses made to link it with a fj60 box that I bought. The fj60 box is the way to go on the fj55's... There's a real nice write up in TT on throwing one into a fj40.

What kind of lining up problems are you having with the tranny?
Hey, nate77fj40. Check out the thread called "power steering conversion". I remembered participating in this discussion a while back and thought it might answer some of your questions. You've already got the 350 chev in there so the Toyota purist thing is out the window. Go with the strongest most affordable option. Saginaw. The pump bolts up. It's a no brainer. Stock chev parts. The 3 1/2" box, mentioned in the other thread, can out muscle the rest. Everything you need to know for the install can be found in the tech section. If you still have questions post'em right here. Hope this helps.
I got a 305 with a th350 in mine (same size as 350/th350). What's the fitting problem? I might know something.

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