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Jul 20, 2003
THE Texas Tech U.
What are the best exhaust manifolds and headers to put on a 350SBC going into a FJ60? Can you use the stock PS pump, A/C compressor, and all of those kinds of accessories? If so, do I need custom brackets, and where do I get them?

As for manifolds it is my understanding that the old "ram's horn" manifolds work the best, the ones that exit right in the middle of the manifold, they are close to the block and shorty style, so you can run your pipe away from everything. I know that both SOR and Downey make headers, both inside the frame and outside, and they are like 250 bucks. I think that the ram's horn are the best especally dealing with the low-end torque they produce at low rpm's.
if your looking for ram horns i,m selling a pair of a 63 corvette ,they are high flow 3" collector in good shape $75.00 let me know
Will never have headers again. I now use ramhorns and love them. No leaks. Good torque. No leaks. Nice fit. No leaks. Look nice. No leaks. Don't rust out. No leaks. Did I mention no leaks?
Ideally, ram's horns rock....I have had good luck for 5+ years with block huggers from Summit. I do retorque the bolts frequently, but the price was right.
Block huggers are good for cruisers, with engine mounts suited to a i6, and starters and tailshafts in the way.

Use extra good [ best] gaskets, and sealant, and tension the bolts at fitting, and after a cold hot cold cycle, then check at service.
Like Woody said ... there's nothing wrong with ramshorns but I've been using block huggers and provided you do a couple retorques now and then they stay sealed very well.

I've seen some threads some place regarding brackets but I don't remember where.
Thanks for all of that, but what about the A/C, can I use the stock compressor that I have right now, or do I need to change it out for a chevy styled one or something like that, and what about the hoses for it.


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