2f to 3fe /3fe to fz1e

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Aug 18, 2002
on the ice, wyoming
anyone out there swapped a 2f to a 3fe in a 40, or 3fe to 1fze? just curious as i know ill be looking at a rebuild in the future on 40 and 80 (hopefully few years) would love to put more power in the 80. wouldnt mind it in the 40, what would be involved ?
In the 71 you will probably gain as much power as you want with a good rebuild/upgrade. Substitute headers, new carb, electronic ignition and you will have as much as you want, so long as the engine actually needs a rebuild. Swapping in a 3fe would be a pain in the arse.
Go small block GM and don't look back.
2FE in the 40.

3FE in the 80.

I would trade my 1FZ-FE in my 93 for the 3FE in my 92s any day.

Power is overrated. I like simplicity. I certainly wouldn't do an LS swap ever again. But I'm a purest.
Wow, this may be the oldest thread revival in MUD history.

Hmm. Think they deleted their post. When I replied it was listed at the top. Unless I reversed the thread posting order of my feed. Which has happened before. :slap:
May well be an old thread, but I DO someone who cross bred a 2F with a 3FE and and ended up with a really nice running 2FE.

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