2F engine compression

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Jul 29, 2020
Salt Lake City, Utah
I posted this on an existing thread but also posting here to get more eyes on the question:

Hi, I am looking at a 1981 FJ40 with the original 2F engine. Seller bought it one year ago and is looking to sell it after doing some work on it both cosmetic and mechanical. He recently did a valve adjustment and he completed a compression check on 8/17 and reported the following numbers:
Cylinder 1: 165 PSI
Cylinder 2: 158 PSI
Cylinder 3: 159 PSI
Cylinder 4: 165 PSI
Cylinder 5: 156 PSI
Cylinder 6: 164 PSI

Recent valve adjustment would potentially explain these numbers? I had read approximately 150 was good. These seem too high if anything.
He does not know if the engine has ever been rebuilt or not but with numbers like these...6 digit odometer shows 80k miles
Does it matter if the compression check is done hot or cold? For a 2F are these numbers realistic for a vehicle nearly 40 years old? Anyone know what compression these engines produced when they were new from the factory? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
They look similar to mine - 1975 2F, 150k miles, engine had been rebuilt sometime in the past. My numbers were between 156 and 170.
Those numbers are very good if accurate...
Yes, if accurate. Perhaps a 3rd party (mechanic) with a professional-grade compression tester if in doubt.
The guideline is generally all within 10%, yours are all good and within 6%, many would envy those numbers. Over the years, various engines including several F's I always seem to have ONE that is 11-12% "lower" grr.

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