2016+ LX570 Changes year to year


Dec 6, 2019
Oceanside, CA
TL;DR: What mechanical or interior changes have been made to the LX570 since the 2016 redesign?

Tried searching this, but couldn't find anything definitive, so I apologize in advance if this has already been answered and I missed it.

Wife and I test drove a new 2020 LX570 and it was "like riding on a cloud" according to my wife.

I'd prefer to not spend $100k+ on a new one so looking at the 2016+ later LX570's. Would be my DD and towing our ~6500lb GVWR trailer.

With the redesign in 2016, what mechanical upgrades have been made to the LX570 since then? I believe there was an upgraded radiator in late 2018, but so far, that's all I can find. What else has been upgraded from 2016 so I can save 40k on a used one?

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