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Dec 6, 2019
Oceanside, CA
I was stationed in the UAE from Summer 2020 to Summer of 2021 as part of a US Marines/US Department of State mission. While there I fell in love with all the Land Cruisers everywhere and started searching for a troopy to import and bring home with me. Enter @Honger and @John Young to the party. Both of them were instrumental in providing me valuable resources regarding finding an appropriate troopy and also in determining if a vehicle was "worth" importing.

Throughout the first half of 2021 I was sent several options for vehicles, but wasn't ready to pull the trigger. I actually ended up getting a 2021 Heritage Edition here in the States. Fast forward through nearly all of 2022, and while I was continuing to look for a troopy, I honestly didn't think I'd find one. Then on October 7th 2022, I was sent the information regarding the troopy in pictures below.

Continued to follow up with asking for pictures, etc. Video of it running, rear cargo area floor, under the mats all seemed to check out. Even got a video of it driving down the highway in Oman at 110kph. Then I decided it was time to s*** or get off the pot. After some back and forth negotiating ended up purchasing the vehicle.

Despite contacting numerous shippers within Oman, no shipping company could get me RORO shipping from Oman to Los Angeles (or so I was told). So now she's currently slated to depart Oman on 15 December via container shipping, and should arrive to the Port of Los Angeles approximately 15 February. I'm hoping this thread serves as both a sounding board for ideas, but also help me as I work through doing some restoration and modification to this troopy.






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Current list of planned maintenance / modifications:

0. Relearn how to drive a stick. It's been nearly 20 years since I "learned" in the neighborhood on my neighbor's truck!
1. Fluid change
a. oil
b. diffs
c. ???
2. New battery and fusible link. Recommendations on the battery? Have a new fusible link from cruiserteq
3. Brake Maintenance
a. Front brakes - is this the same stuff needed on an 80? What are we looking at for calipers? Any recommendations on a kit?
b. Rear drum brakes - is this the same stuff needed on a 92-95 80? Or an FJ60/62? Already got rear brake shoes from cruiserteq
c. Brake lines - was recommended that I rework the brake lines
d. Brake Booster upgrade to 80 series - I've read the 80 series booster is double diaphragm, and a huge upgrade.
4. Upgrade/refresh headlights - already have a kit from cruiserteq
5. Front knuckle rebuild - have a kit from cruiserteq
6. Rear axle bearing/seal rebuilt - have a kit from cruiserteq
7. Upgrade tie rod ends - have a kit from cruiserteq
8. ???

0. New wheels & tires. My truck currently only has 3 matching wheels.
a. Wheels - I'd love to get some Zero Corse Dakar Zero wheels in 17" but they're $500 each. Unwilling to pay that, so going with a set of stock 80 series alloys 16x8, 0 offset. Will I need spacers?
b. Tires - Currently looking at 285/75r16 tires. I've got Toyo AT3s on my 200 series. Has anyone tried the Ironman ATs? They're only ~$170 each. Anyone recommend a different size?
1. Interior stripping
a. rust abatement - I'm sure some of it is in there.
b. Master Series silver primer/sealer on floor
c. Damplifier pro - roll on + stick on
2. Heat added. Already have the unit from @joekatana
3. Scheel Man Vario F seats for driver and passenger. Looking to get arm rests for both, would anyone recommend?
4. ARB Deluxe Bull Bar - Napa auto parts actually sells these, and includes free shipping.
5. Warn 8274 winch - already have one rebuilt!
6. 2" lift - Ironman 4x4 or OME Dakar from Cruiser Outfitters - any suggestions between the two? Both end up being around the same price, and have heard great things about the Pro Cell Foam kits from Ironman.
7. Rear Bumper?
8. Aux fuel tank?
9. Alu-Cab Hercules. I was originally going to get the Alu-Innovations, but cannot find this in the United States it would seem.
10. Interior buildout?
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Solid prep and bracing:rofl: Hope the charge wasn't too much.

Congrats on the find!
Added the list of planned maintenance and modifications. Hoping for the experts to help steer me on the right course!
I had issues with clearance on the stock 80 alloys w. 285/75s and had to add spacers when I tried that setup so resulted in poke, didn't love it.

If you're looking for a cheaper wheel the steel spares on Tacomas and FJCs seems to mount up fine, I run spacers on mine just to get the look correct.
I had issues with clearance on the stock 80 alloys w. 285/75s and had to add spacers when I tried that setup so resulted in poke, didn't love it.

If you're looking for a cheaper wheel the steel spares on Tacomas and FJCs seems to mount up fine, I run spacers on mine just to get the look correct.
How thick are your spacers?

I thought the FJC spare steel wheel is a +6 offset? You running 285/75 on these wheels?
Bit of a weird one in my case, I run the Tacoma spares with something like an inch spacer. Weird part is I have 8.25r16 Michelin XZLs on it right now, they measure out to ~34s, really skinny.
That's a nice list of modifications you have planned.

For the 80 series alloys you will want a 1" to 1.25" spacer. I have the 17x7 FJC wheels and use a 1" spacer with 35x10.5 tires but would like a 1.25 to 1.5 for a little more clearance. I had to adjust my stops out a little to keep from rubbing at full lock.

some photos of a Hzj 73 with 80 alloys 275s and 1" spacers here:

Congratulations on your "new" troopy
Picked up these 5 80 series alloy wheels today for $20 each!

They're 16x8 with 0 offset, so 4.5" backspacing. I'm planning to run 1" spacers all around.

Thinking 255/85/16 Falken MTs or 265/75/16 all terrains. 33" vs 31.5". Leaning towards the 33" since the plan is to eventually put on a 2" lift.



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Maybe powder coat while you are doing this? You could have some fun with that!
Some maintenance and mod thoughts...

These trucks haven't seen much action once they end up in our hands. My experience with them is that you'll want to replace the clutch master/slave as well. When/if you start driving the truck regularly one or both will go south. While you're in there flush out the clutch fluid as well.

I recommend all brake and clutch soft lines be replaced as a PM item. While you're doing brakes and replacing soft lines just go ahead and flush all the old brake fluid out of your lines as well.

Battery... I've got Odyssey's in all three of my trucks now. (40, Troopy, and 4Runner) I'm a believer. I'd plan on putting some military lugs on the batter cables and possibly making your own new ground cables and starter cable. Depending on the condition of what's already in place.

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