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Sep 14, 2007
I know, there are dozens of AHC threads to read but we are not mechanically inclined and have to pay mechanics to do our bidding. Here goes...

The LX is my son's dream truck. We found a bone-stock example in Colorado a year ago, without any rust. Did the usual baselining stuff to make sure we knew when the oil was changed, brake fluids etc. Recently, the ride deteriorated and it started making rear-seat passengers nauseous. I call it "hobby-horsing". We live in the rolling hills of Connecticut north of Fairfield County. No Lexus dealer here but a solid Toyota dealer that kept my FJ80 going for years. The techs diagnosed bad rear shocks so they changed them and flushed/bled the fluid. No change. We brought it to Lexus of Greenwich (Greenwich being one of the wealthiest towns in the US) and they said it needed accumulators and sub-assemblies. Now I know how Greenwich got rich because they want $6700 to do the job. Not happening.

My son decided to do an AHC delete to avoid major suspension costs going forward. I normally would try to keep things stock but I agree with his decision. We haven't been able to find anyone remotely near Northwestern Connecticut who has performed the delete. One Toyota specialist has done one on a 4-Runner and is willing to do it. Here is the advice I need to assure he gets it right -

My son is not an overlander and doesn't plan on starting to climb mountains. He likes to camp and to visit national parks and sleep in his LX. He lives in Brooklyn, New York where the streets are paved with potholes so a nice ride is important. He has stock wheels and relatively new Michelin tires. So what delete kit should he install and what should the installer know before he tackles the job? I installed a lot of OME suspension bits on my FJ60 and 80 but that might not work for a daily driver. Should he just replace everything with Land Cruiser OEM parts? How much of the AHC gets binned or disconnected? Don't sell it 'cause it took him years to find this one.

Dec 30, 2014
Yukon, OK
Given your use I think I'd go with OEM Toyota components. I deleted AHC with Ironman procell about a year ago, but my use and goals were slightly different. Still not crazy trail duty, but I envisioned more weight and semi-regular overland/trail. And I prefer a firmer ride. I pulled all the AHC components and lines. I don't see any problem leaving a lot of it in place, I just knew it would bother me knowing it was there. It was not a fun experience, so I'd expect someone to charge accordingly for the work. Good luck!
Jun 4, 2016
Gump in the 406
Spending money to replace a system that hasn't failed seems odd to me.

What are the the pressure readings?

We have 2 rigs with AHC, one with a front bumper, winch, rear bumper and swing out.

Spend money elsewhere...
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Oct 19, 2004
Given the type of very light offroad use, agree on keeping AHC esp. since you now have two new rear rams. Find someone that knows what they are doing. I bet from here on out it's not but a few hundred bucks max to get the AHC back to good health with that low mileage on it.


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Sep 28, 2010
If the system is horribly rusted - sure delete AHC. If it's not badly rusted, do not delete AHC.

A set of brand new accumulators and adjusting the torsion bars and replacing rear springs and adding a spacer will cost less than most AHC delete kits/labor and give you a far superior ride.

Deleting AHC is rarely the cheapest option and unless you're spending many thousands on a remote reservoir suspension system, AHC provides the best ride - by a significant margin.

Search again for a shop that knows AHC. $6700 is insane and obviously incorrect. You should be looking at $2k or under unless there's another major failure in the system (rarely the case). If needed, get parts through online dealers like mcgeorge or partsouq.


Nov 8, 2015
Do some homework on independent Toyota/Lexus specific shops with in 100 miles of you- there's gotta be someone. Or better, create a bonding experience with your son, together get your hands dirty and figure out how fix it with the help of the forum. Lots of good AHC knowledge here.

From the 60 series forum there's a list of cruiser mechanics Nationwide. Nothing comes up for Conn or Mass but NH & NJ, PA, RI has some

New Hampshire

Cruiser Solutions
Hampstead, NH
Owner: Tedd Brown
Website: Cruiser Solutions, custom cruisers, restorations, genuine Toyota parts, body tubs, used Land Cruisers for sale
Review: Tedd is a SUPER nice guy. They do incredible restorations (bring lots of $$), but also do general repair, mostly on 40/45/55/60/62 series. They now offer new aluminum tubs and beds for 45s!

Cruiser Parts LLC
12 Landcruiser Dr.
East sullivan, NH 03445
PH (603) 847-9400

New Jersey

grizzly 4-wd
307 main street
madison NJ
joe ciccarelle

Kenny Dean he is located in waretown, NJ
Review: Worked at toyota for 20 + years before going out on his own- also he is an off road supplier and races stock trucks off road!

3 Cleveland Street
Belleville, NJ 07109
(973) 943-1785

Oldenburg Automotive
326 Dryden Ave.
Trenton, NJ 08638
ph: 609-403-8163
fax: 609-403-8164

Rhode Island

15 Minutes outside Providence, RI

Kane Motor Car Co.
1028 Boston Neck Road
North Kingstown, RI 02852-7198
(401) 294-4634


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Sep 14, 2007
Thanks to all for the recommendation to keep the AHC. I don't know from pressure readings and adjusting torsion bars. If I knew what independent shop in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Southern New York State who knew what they were doing I would certainly entertain that keeping AHC. We plan on meeting with a Toyota Specialist in New Milford, Connecticut. He seems ready to take on the challenge but we've spent a lot on this LX so far to train a first-timer. That's not fair, he does 4-Runners and Land Cruisers but not ones with AHC. Again thanks for spending the time to help out. I need to provide you with the best picture of what we have done so far so here goes:

March 20, 2020, 122,274 miles - Lexus of Greenwich: Complete suspension, brake hoses etc inspection. Ball joints, covers, and driveshaft boots too. Repacked front wheel bearings. Replaced control valve assembly (it was leaking) and fluid for the height control system ($2137.00).

August 11, 2020, 125,234 - Dowling Toyota: Replaced rear shocks and height control sensor ($1,199.00)

August 25, 2020, 125,758 - Lexus Greenwich: "needs right and left rear damping force control actuators and fluid to bleed system".

Maybe one of these technicians missed something obvious in the beginning and causing this bouncing ride to developed?


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Feb 6, 2020
@Tarzan87 have you heard of Techstream? It is software that runs on your computer that allows you to connect to the LX470 computer controlled functions through the OBD2 port using a special cable. It can be had on eBay or Amazon for the price of a dozen morning coffees.

Use this forum to learn how to get it connected to your rig with a laptop, then obtain and post up some basic data on the AHC system. There will be plenty of folks chomping at the bit to help you out, make recommendations, etc. to get your AHC system healthy again.

You'll just need a 30mm socket or wrench, and a 10mm wrench, to get started. No other esoteric tool costs for now.

We're here to help
Jun 4, 2016
Gump in the 406
Something worth mentioning. Land Cruisers have AHC as well, so the local Toyota dealership could be another resource if you don't want to DIY.

You really jumped into the deep end spending money. First thing, get pressure readings, flush the fluid, make adjustments based on the readings. Perhaps the parts needed to be replaced...

All of this is covered in the ridiculously long AHC thread.
Sep 14, 2007
Again, thanks to all who have shared your knowledge and experience with the AHC System. Hopefully, it will help others when the topic is searched. We have decided to remove the AHC and go full Land Cruiser. A Mastertech with 20 years Lexus experience at another dealer recommended that we take this course. One last question (I'll do a thred search too) - I want him to install Bilstein shocks at all 4 corners. Thoughts?

And that's not all - When the delete is complete, we will have 2 rear AHC shocks (part # 4853069145), and a new height control sensor (part # 924755) with maybe 40 miles on them. If you need these, message me and we can make a deal!

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