2000 LX470 door lock/unlock buttons not working

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Nov 27, 2017
Snohomish, WA
First time post but definitely not new to the IH8MUD forums. I have learned a lot from many of you here and have fixed a number of issues on my 2000 LX470. I appreciate all who take the time to share, teach and comment.

One issue I have yet to resolve though is that it appears my door lock/unlock buttons don't appear to work in the vehicle. I am hoping for suggestions or what I may need to hunt down and replace.

Here are more details:

  • Actuators appear to work fine.
  • Doors can be locked and unlocked without issue from the keyfob.
  • I've tried both the drivers side buttons and the passenger side buttons - neither work.
  • I get no response from the door buttons (no sound, no clicks, nothing)
  • I've checked the door lock fuses and they appear fine.
Am I looking at bad contacts on the switches or some sort of failing module?

I searched the forums and didn't find anything that matched my symptoms. Most people mention actual actuator problems but as mentioned, my doors unlock/lock fine from the keyfob.

I would investigate the driver's switch. It's common for the wiring to run through a common "master" switch at the driver's door. If the wrong wire in that harness has a failure, you could lose all interior locking ability. I've run into that with window switches, but the same could apply for door locks.

If the key fob works, I assume the actuators and control ECU are in working order.
Thanks for the response and suggestion Supra. That makes sense and I'll do some digging into the door switch wiring and check for issues.

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