1. J

    Parking brake parts - need a source

    Hi All, My parking brakes are rusted and busted.. I have the spring/pin/clip etc rebuild kit, but I am still in need of the following: Parking brake shoe lever Parking brake cable No. 2 Bellcrank Bellcrank bracket I can't find part numbers, and my usual sources only seem to offer shoes. I do...
  2. J

    Updated suspension, new stance concerns

    Hello All, I am new to the LC realm.. owned a very neglected 2000 for 2 weeks now. Began correcting it's pain, and fell in love.. sold my two other vehicles and forgot about my muscle car project immediately. Anyhow.. my current issue is stance, or level rather. I have searched and read many...
  3. kalebob

    kalebob's 2000 Land Cruiser Build

    The Orgin Story Hello all - new to these parts and to LC/off-road vehicles in general. Went though high school driving a string of turbo Audis from the 80s and currently have a 2001 A6 with the 4.2L V8 that I swapped from an auto to a 6 spd manual. After realizing that 2 inches of clearance...
  4. vmi01sbc02

    SOLD  2001 Fender Flares

    I finally took off my fender flares like most folks. They’re in the garage and the wife says they need to go!! $100+shipping. No scratches, in great shape!
  5. spencer2000LC

    Pittsburgh Mechanic - 2000 Landcruiser - Advice Needed

    Looking for some advice from the local Pittsburgh LC Team I have 2000 Landcruiser, 235k miles. Has treated me very well for the past 18 years, but it starting to run a little rough lately. I also have a tricky recurring issue where I will be driving without issue, then it stalls out when I...
  6. C

    For Sale  2000 LC Headlight/Grille/Newer (new) Toyota Grille Emblem/Fog Lights

    Hi all, did the front end update to 07 style per TLCFAQ & I believe mud user @RobRed ... Which cost appx exactly what he said it would... So trying to recoup a little $$ for Project Barn FJ... 2000 OEM Toyota Grille - $75 + shipping - perfect used condition - a little dirty with some...
  7. spencer2000LC

    Stalls out when put in gear question?

    Looking for advice. Recurring issue where LC stalls out when coming off highway to first stop light. In sputters and then stalls. It will restart and run in Park or Neutral - but when engaged in Drive or Reverse it stalls. This has happened a number of times over the past couple years - but...
  8. P

    SOLD  100 series 16" wheels (VA/DC/MD)

    asking $150 for the set of 5. no shipping, local pickup only please. located in Northern VA. they were previously plasti-dipped. there is some minor oxidization but are in decent shape overall.
  9. Landbruiser100

    For Sale  00-02 100 landcruiser (used) Master cylinder. Delmarva USA

    Have the master cylinder from my 2000 100 series Land Cruiser US gas 4.7 WITH ABS TRAC used in 2000 to 2002 L/C's. Bought rebuilt kit, cleaned per service manual. Took to Delaware Toyota Dealer for bleed as it is recommended to bleed this system with OBD connection. Toyota declined to bleed...
  10. starclassic

    Help assessing '00 Land Cruiser w/ 216k miles

    Okay friends. I just sold my awesome rust-free '97 4Runner and am in the market for a 100 series for my family (wife, 3 young kids). I live in Chicago and am pursuing leads out west. I'll be out of state on this one, so I'd love some help/insight on how to avoid wasting time. Found a 2000 Land...
  11. DPA200

    200 favorite Rock Sliders

    Looking for a vote on the best sliders for the 200 series. I know there are quite a few threads on this over the years but being that I'm currently in the market to finally ditch my running boards...i thought id make a new updated thread with a Poll. Let me know if i'm missing any good...
  12. N

    100 Series clunk and vibration thread

    Hi Guys, I would greatly appreciate some advice on two topics. My 100 series cruiser randomly clunks when moving the gear sellector from Park to drive and also moving from drive to reverse when stationary of course. On the start of one trip this could happen and on the next slightly or even...
  13. TeacherMan

    2000 LX tail gate rust: deal breaker?

    Hello, all. Last week, I totaled my 2000 LX. Devastating. I have very little time to find a replacement, which of course is adding extra stress. Looking for another 2000 with less than 200k miles, and with solid records in Missouri or surrounding area. Obviously not an easy find. It took me...
  14. J

    For Sale  San Diego, 2000 Land Cruiser, Needs Tranny Work

    00 Landcruiser, 285k mi from previous owner driving back and forth to Idaho, engine in perfect condition, brakes feel good, tires brand new. Possible transmission solenoid or rebuild required. It stopped shifting yesterday and fluid started to stink. It ran a shift solenoid "e" code with a...
  15. F

    FLWookie's 2000 LX Build "CRUSTY"

    Howdy. I've posted over in the FL clubhouse already but I figure I might as well introduce myself here! I bought a 2000 LX back in April with 147K on the clock. Check the VIN on Lexus, and it had lots of service history, but nothing about the timing belt. I had the timing belt, water pump...
  16. ffl3883

    2000 LX470 Engine Swap

    Hello, I have a 1999 LX470 with 140K miles. Great engine but bad frame condition due to rust. I found a 2000 LX470 with 260k Miles , great frame condition, reasonably priced. Is it possible to put the 1999 LX470 engine into 2000 LX470 ? If possible, how much would it possibly cost to swap at...
  17. S

    Flashing Cruise Control Light 2000 LX470

    Strange thing just happened this morning. Flashing cruise control light and rig runs fine. I even tested cruise control and that works just fine. I hooked up my scanner and there are no codes. I've tried a search here and on google with no luck. Any other help will be greatly appreciated...
  18. MooseRDS

    2000 HP Land Cruiser 230mph

    Toyota's 230mph Land Cruiser: the full story
  19. W

    FREE  running boards - 2000 LC (NorCal)

    These have never seen dirt and are in solid condition. They are still on my LC at the moment, but can be taken off with a days notice. Located in the SF South Bay Area. Color looks silver, but is technically champagne. First $120 cash takes them if you come to my area to pick up.
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