100 series

  1. E

    FREE Bay Area: Land Cruiser 100 Running Boards / steps

    Good condition but dirty and the paint is faded. Must pick up in San Francisco. Came off a white 2003 LC100. I'm not sure the exact color.
  2. nhagg

    For Sale 100 Series OEM Bug Deflector, No hardware

    No hardware included. Bolts on in between the hood seal gasket and the hood. Came off of my 2006 100 series. Has some scratches and normal wear but overall good condition. Asking $200 shipped. Feel free to send me offers.
  3. L

    For Sale Bend, OR 2001 Lexus LX470

    A story as old as time. I’d been on a hunt for an LC for some time I was able to find this LX here locally in Central Oregon. My plan was to buy this and sell my wife’s 2014 outback Daily and she’d drive it and then on weekends we could have some adventures in the LC. She prefers her Subaru...
  4. Y

    Throttle Body and PCV valve/hose Removed and Cleaned. Revving at high RPMs consistently.

    I removed and cleaned the throttle body on my 1999 LC. My car has 270,000 miles. The Throttle body had lots of carbon buildup. I also unscrewed the PCV valve hose that connects the intake to the PCV valve on the top of the throttle body and removed tons of sludge from the inside. It was almost...
  5. Lucy99

    Battery light came on.

    As I was driving, my battery light came on. I used my OBDll and found nothing wrong. My battery in about 7mo. old. What do you guys recommend?
  6. Vagabond1929

    Timing Belt Change - First Time in 22 Years and 183,000 Miles

    2000 Land Cruiser built in December 1999 with 183,000 miles. First time doing the timing belt. Here are a few photos. Replaced with OEM Mitsuboshi belt. Looks like the rubber has dried out a bit however after more than 22 and a half years I suppose that's to be expected. Truck operates in a hot...
  7. T

    Chirp when shifting under hard acceleration

    Hello all, I have 2008 4Runner V8 4WD. Recently, I noticed that, under hard acceleration, when the trans upshifts there’s a brief chirp/squeak that sounds almost the same as tire chirp. I was due for a transmission flush, but that had no effect. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I put...
  8. LXJake93

    SOLD Huntsville, AL : '99 LX 470 Base - River Rock Green Mica

    Hello folks, I do not want to nor do I have to sell my truck so I'm just testing the water. She's been good to me since purchase in 2020, has never left me stranded, is an easy vehicle to work on and would definitely be missed. I would much rather trade for a pickup in similar condition (4x4...
  9. Shehzad102

    P0778 transmission problem!

    Hey everyone, So my 03 LX470 has developed a strange issue. Symptoms are that it won't go into 5th gear and downshifting from 2nd to 1st is very rough. I only have one code and it is P0778. Through digging around on the forum I thought it might have been the ECU but turns out there is...
  10. floridaman1

    For Sale Jacksonville FL 2007 Landcruiser

    For sale- 07 Landcruiser 100 series $26,500 She is a clean, Florida car, 2nd owner, runs great, never seen mud, no rust. Brand new Old Man Emu lift kit, and BF tires looks great on the factory Toyota Tundra premium 20” rims. Carfax has a minor fender bender to the front bumper that happened...
  11. K

    For Sale Salt Lake City, Utah - 1999 Land Cruiser - $16k

    Come and get it, Mudders. Details below, happy to answer any other questions about the truck. Carfax is attached. $16k 18k as a starting point. Many more photos in the listing. From the local SLC listing on KSL: For sale is my 1999 Land Cruiser that is ready for spring and summer adventures...
  12. iSpearfish

    For Sale 2001 LX470

    2001 LX470 340k miles PRICE TBD Link to google drive where you can find more photos and Carfax from previous owner. 2001 Lx470 - Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13HD-PB1rp_Vk9p0VLBTQvQGTWDO4ObIT?usp=sharing I’ll throw the disclaimer out there early that I REALLY would...
  13. KSW

    100 Series Restoration

    Aloha all, Love this forum, I’ve been reading a lot. First time posting; just acquired 1999 LX 470 w 190K this week and I’m gearing up for interior restoration. Interesting build—Mechanically solid with 2.5” OldManEmu lift and AHC removed but the interior is a disaster. This vehicle is...
  14. P

    Help with ARB Compressor switch wiring (under hood install)

    I've searched a number of different ways and have yet to find an answer to this, so I'm posting here in hopes that one might be able to offer some guidance. I've mounted an ARB dual compressor in the engine bay of my 100 series using the Owl Expedition mount. I understand the battery mains...
  15. Elessey

    For Sale Los Angeles, CA - 100 Series Factory 16in Rims x4

    I have four factory 16in rims from my ‘99 LC100 that I no longer need. They’re in ok condition with expected wear for their age and 200k miles. No issues, just upgraded to some F5’s. Asking $100 per rim or best offer. No tires included, they’re boxed up and ready to go. First come first serve...
  16. FJDobie1

    Wanted Illinois

    ISO 2003 up outside passenger side tail light and driver side tailgate tail light. Let me k ow what you have with an IM please. Thanks Ben
  17. jesus888

    SOLD 2003 Lexus LX470

    PRICE UPDATE: $20,000 OBO VIDEOS ADDED TO GOOGLE DRIVE LINK 2003 Lexus LX470 95% of mileage is single-family-owned and mostly highway mileage. Mileage: ~316K Price: I want to trade for an FJ60 + cash, straight-up for the right FJ60... I know you have to put a price, though, so $24,500 is the...
  18. kordsman

    Kordsman: 100 Series - Here We Go Again!

  19. 80CRAWLER

    For Sale Metro DC, Series 100 Front Driver & Passenger Seats. Leather in good shape, no cracks.

    These seats appear to be in good shape. Baught for my 80 series, but am going a different direction. Both seats have good leather with no cracking, headrest’s and arm rests. Have no info in motors, electrical, and both seats are missing back panel of seat back. For pick-up only. $450 for pair.
  20. newoffroad

    Hey guys what do you think of this suspension set option OLD man Emu 1.5 soft springs vs DOBINSONS 1.5-2.0" IMS

    Hey guys thanks for the help here are my goals for the new 2006 100 Landcruiser The car that I purchased has old shocks and bushings, there is a lot of brake dive and cornering dive. My goal would be to stiffen up the suspension slightly and reduce brake dive and hopefully make the ride...
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