100 series

  1. ironmountain

    For Sale Orange County - 1999 Land Cruiser projector retrofit with LED lights

    Looking to sell my projector retrofitted OEM headlights off my 1999 LC. Low beam and high beam work very well and they provide a nice cut off line. Selling because I want the one piece USR eBay lights. Asking $450 picked up.
  2. R

    SASing my 100

    I’m gathering parts to SAS my 100 series. Got a set of 80 series axles (unlocked) with a steering box for $200 (the price was right). I saw front range sells a 79 series front hub to swap onto the 80 series front to retain the 5 lug pattern so I’m leaning this way to keep my stock rear...
  3. Josh Kleitsch

    For Sale Aurora, CO - Radiator, New In Box, 2UZ-FE - $350

    Radiator for 100 Series, purchased at a dealer in Aurora, CO last year(2022) and just opened the box to verify it's in perfect condition. Model 16400-50360 $350. Local pickup preferred.
  4. L

    OBDII Port HZJ105R

    Hi all, 1999 LC, 105 series, 1HZ (HZJ105R) Still experiencing a crank-no-start issue with the ol' LC, next idea that came to mind was to located the OBDII port just to see if there were any codes that could give me some pointers as to what exactly is going wrong. Interestingly, I watched this...
  5. G

    Wanted 2006/2007 Toyota Land Cruiser or LX470

    Hi folks - I'm looking for a stock (or mostly stock) 06/07 LC or LX with <170k miles, ideally silver or grey on grey. I'm located in Colorado but willing to travel for the right rust-free and clean vehicle that's been well maintained. Will spend up to $35k if it checks all the boxes.
  6. Chase Wilkerson

    For Sale Bump It Offroad 100 Series Front

    What's up guys, first mud post for me! Anyway, I bought my first Land Cruiser as a daily and it came with the "seasoning" of three offroad owners before me. While Most of the modifications are fine..... the bumper just isn't my style. Lights not included Anyways, who wants it? As pictured, in...
  7. 2000UZJ

    Wanted 03+ ARB Combo Bar - 100 Series

    Please PM if you know of one, or have one and are open to selling it. Located in GA, willing to travel to adjoining states (TN, FL, SC ,NC, AL) 03+ Toyota Land Cruiser ARB Deluxe Bar (Black) - 3413190
  8. B

    For Sale Larchmont, NY LX470 Lexus off-road rig $20K

    This car is a beast! It'll take you anywhere you want to go, no problem. I bought it specifically so I could go off-roading with my son, and let me tell you, we had some amazing adventures together. But now, life has moved on, and I've kept this beauty stored in a warm, dry garage since before...
  9. N

    For Sale San Jose, CA: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser UZJ100

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser, enthusiast owned! TRIPLE LOCKED! Price: $24,950 OBO This has been my adventure/go anywhere vehicle for the last 3 years and it’s finally time to let it go to a new home! $10k+ in receipts! (mods/maintenance) -ARB compressor with front/rear air lockers -Ironman Bull...
  10. aedgington

    For Sale Houston, TX: UZJ100 [98-05] [LC ONLY] Spyder LED Tail Lights

    These. Brand new in box. Never installed, nothing wrong with them. $150 shipped, $100 local pickup.
  11. Tinkerag

    SOLD CO Springs, CO - 1999 LX470

    For Sale $10,000: Colorado Springs, CO 1999 Lexus LX470 @ 203,000 miles. (aka 100 Series) In the process of transitioning to a truck, so putting Green Machine on the market. Dual Color Green/Grey Gamiviti flat top rack w/ Expo+++ Bar, added tabs & gussets, sunroof cutout, additional section...
  12. S

    Wanted UT, 100 Series Sliders/Bumpers

    Looking for any kind of armor for a 2002 lx470, send me a message! Thanks!
  13. R

    For Sale Bay Area, CA: 1999 Poverty Pack UZJ100

    Price: $22,000 obo or trade for a white FZJ80 or maybe even a white 98-99 UZJ100 Good day, Considering selling my ‘99 Land Cruiser. Imperial Jade Mica with beige interior. This is an “uncommon” version (dare I say rare these days) of the well known 100 series. This model does NOT have a...
  14. AlbertoSD

    For Sale 100-series License Plate Lamp Assembly

    I bought by mistake a 100-series license plate lamp assembly. Part Number 81270-60300, which seems to be for an ambulance door type FZJ100, FZJ105, HDJ100, HZJ105, and UZJ100. I would imagine you could get it adapted to another project with little work. New and complete as shown in the pictures...
  15. K

    Wanted UT Cruiser Undercarriage (Another Rust Post, I'm Sorry)

    This is a 2006 LC with 200k miles up for sale near me for 20k at a Toyota dealership. PO traded it in for an 09. It was clearly his offroading Rig. Its got 35's on it, nice wheels, a good front bumper, and the exterior is pretty clean minus some pin striping. I know there's going to be different...
  16. S

    Program disk is inserted.

    Got any clues how to fix this? I’ve tried three different discs and can’t get it to do anything except say this?
  17. GGM

    Bolt on 100 Series Tire Carrier Compatible with Factory Bumper

    Since I started selling the 80 series tire carrier, people have been asking for the same type of design for a 100 series. So I've been working on it. It's still in development but I wanted to get things kick started and gauge interest. It will have similar function of our 80 Series Tire Carrier...
  18. aedgington

    SOLD Houston, TX : 100-series Gobi Ladder (FS/T)

    This is the version that flares out to go over a spoiler. Test fitted, never installed. Going to try this as a local pick-up only first. $300 Things I'll trade for in part +/- cash, all 100-series LX470 if applicable : - console/center armrest lid in excellent condition (tan leather) -...
  19. T

    SOLD BAKERSFIELD, CA: 100 series YotaMD Key Kit-Flat Dark Earth (NEW-Unopened)- FREE SHIPPING US

    Hey everyone! Sadly my 100 series died before I could utilize this key. Super cool kit, YotaMD makes a great product. This one is from his limited edition run that has “UZJ100” on the key fob. Color is Flat Dark Earth. List price $77. Mudder price: $60, free shipping in US. Comes with thread...
  20. S

    Strange clicking noise from TRD supercharger part.

    Let me preface this by saying I am certainly no expert on superchargers, which may be stupid considering I bought this cruiser last October. Lol It is an LX470 with almost 250k on it, seems to run absolutely perfect and in my short ownership I have not had any issues with it at all. The...
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