100 series

  1. Skyshark

    3rd Row seat plugs

    Hey, I’m trying to find replacements for the 3rd row seat plugs but I haven’t had any luck. By seat plugs I’m referring to the plastic things that go on the floor to cover up the folding seat mounts. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Gunner458

    My 05 LX470 budget build!

    So let’s start with the stock 05 LX470, 207,000 miles and runs like a champ! (Roadside bargain)
  3. CaptainBenRP

    Wanted  Wanted: Driver Side Front Fender 99 LX470

    Looking to buy Drivers side front fender for 1999 LX470 will take any color.
  4. athensrep

    For Sale  1999 LX470 Rust Free - Atlanta - SOLD

    Rust Free 260k SOLD I bought this a couple of months ago for my wife so she could get out of her beat Tacoma. She likes it, but the sunroof isn’t working and she likes the gas mileage on her Tacoma. Yeah...I know. It’ll be a great start for someone as it’s a GA/FL truck that’s rust free. It...
  5. CloudCity

    Picked up a new 100-series

    Just found this new-old-stock Kyosho Mini Z Land Cruiser 100-series built in 2003 and still sealed in the box when it arrived to me. Have had a couple of days to play around with it now and it's a lot of fun for such a small, low key little rig. Has some cool features like full articulation...
  6. 2001Oda

    P0770 Code

    Hey guys, Yesterday morning while driving to work my CEL came on, didn't really think anything of it. Truck has been driving fine, after work went and had the code red and it gave me the P0770 Shift solenoid "E". Prices for the solenoid almost gave me a heart attack. Planning on swapping the...
  7. Redcrayon

    For Sale  2004 white 100 series in Spring Hill, TN(near nashville) $10,000 205,000miles

    I have found a 2008 land cruiser I want and I was seeing if there is any interest in my land cruiser prior to trading it in. I am at work now so I can include photos when I get home...... for now, I can list the work I've had done since purchase in 2016 from Herrin Gear Toyota in Jackson, MS...
  8. N

    Front passenger side window

    Hello all, I am desperately in need of a front passenger side window replacement for my 2005 landcruiser. My wife and I are traveling through Mexico at the moment.I have been looking for the past 24 hours with no luck! Please help! Thanks
  9. Shaunpg

    For Sale  San Diego: 2001 LX470

    Unfortunately, it's time to sell my LX470. I bought this vehicle in November of 2018 with the intent of keeping it for a long time, but work circumstances have changed and I need to get a smaller vehicle. 2001 LX470 with 110,800 miles. After purchasing, did a full baseline with receipts...
  10. J

    For Sale  Florida: 2003-2004 TRD ECU

    Hey guys, Got a brand new TRD supercharger ECU that will suit 03-04 hundies. Asking $600 but will go to the highest offer. PM if interested.
  11. S

    Looking for input as to what my 2000 100 series is worth (199k miles)

    Posted this last night in the wrong forum (I believe) and got deleted. I got a fairly heavy boat that required me to get a truck and don't have garage space for my LC anymore. It's in great shape, I absolutely love it and I get complements all the time so I'm somewhat hoping that its not worth...
  12. Gdub216

    For Sale  100 Series Automatic Transmission Shift Knob & T.Case Knob for Sale

    Gentlemen, I am willing to sell my old shift knob and T.Case knob if there is interest. The stitching is all intact and is not frayed. No wood inlay -- all Leather. Leather is not discolored or dirty or weathered. The H-N-L is still quite visible, roughly % opacity. I would give them a 8/10 and...
  13. S

    Wanted  100 series OEM frame mount receiver hitch

    100 series OEM frame mount receiver hitch. I'm located in Northern Colorado email is sagexpman@hotmail.com text me at 970-420-4439 Rick
  14. Harp123

    SOLD  North Louisiana 2006 UZJ100 Sonora Gold

    After having only one maybe two serious inquiries from this forum, I guess I have it over priced or most people just hate Sonora Gold. Either way, my intention is to sell it by spring to purchase another 200 series for the extra tow rating. I recently purchased a new boat which is around 5,000...
  15. 100 Series Nitro Gas Lift Kits - $749 Black Friday Sale

    100 Series Nitro Gas Lift Kits - $749 Black Friday Sale

    100 Series Nitro Gas 2" Lift Kits are 25% off for Black Friday. The kit includes torsion bars, shocks, springs and lower control arm reinforcement brackets, everything you need to lift your Cruiser.
  16. C

    Looking For Help, P0500 100 Series LX

    Hi 100 Series Forum, I hope everyone is well and staying warm. I'm reaching out to see if anyone has a good mechanic that can take a look/give me some advice/help with a code my truck is throwing. I recently updated my aftermarket stereo and also had a backup camera installed in my 100 series...
  17. athensrep

    For Sale  Atlanta: New HZJ79 Alloy wheels 5 Lug 100 series - $400

    Up for sale are new take-off Land Cruiser Ute/Troopcarrier 70 (76/77/78/79) Series alloy wheels x 4. 5 stud 16x7 No center caps. Wheels are brand new but have some small scratches. 5 lug so they’ll fit on your 100 or 200 series. $600
  18. J

    For Sale  Florida: Nitro Upper Control Arms

    Hey guys, Got a set of Nitro upper control arms brand new in the box for the 100 series. Asking $600. PM me if interested.
  19. J

    Wanted  Florida: 100 series long tube headers

    Hey guys, Just recently scored a brand new in the box TRD supercharger from Australia for the 4.7 2UZ-FE. Going to install it on my dad's 98 LC. More air in=More air out. And I was wondering if anyone's got any long tube headers for the 4.7. The only options I can seem to find are the Doug...
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