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  1. L

    Wanted  100 series LX470 door panel needed (gray)

    Looking for a gray passenger rear interior door panel for my 2001 Lx470. If you have one for sale please contact me. If I don't respond quickly on here, feel free to text/call me at 706-676-7385. Thanks!
  2. Trist

    Wanted  Atlanta/St. Louis: 2000-2002 Land Cruiser 100 Series Front Differential

    I just blew the front diff in my 01 100 series. Looking for a working carrier with 4.30 gears from an 00-02 100 series. The most convenient locations for me would be Atlanta, St. Louis or Birmingham, but if you are in the southeast or midwest that could also work. I do not check MUD often so it...
  3. I

    PLEASE HELP w/ my 2002 LX470 Dashboard ABS Lights On

    Hey everybody. I stumbled across this forum when I was looking for people who have encountered the ABS problem for the Land Cruisers. I suck with cars and am just learning about this car so that's why I'm here, haha. It's cool that this place exists and I'm excited to frequent it. As of right...
  4. HitTheDirt

    For Sale  CO: 1 SCS Stealth F5 5x150 Wheel

    I have a brand new in the box F5 wheel in Matte Jet Black. 16x8, 10mm offset, 5x150 bolt pattern. Bought this for my 100 series but found a complete set used. Brand new in the original box with receipt. Paid $232 with shipping. Asking $175 + shipping.
  5. S

    For Sale  Austin, Texas: 1998 Lexus Lx470

    Hello all, I'm sad to say that as our needs for increased volume in our overland rig have outgrown the capacity of our LX its time to say goodbye to the old girl and get into something a bit bigger. Aside from the interior volume (when carrying 4 passengers) I love this truck to no end! I still...
  6. RoadTripSteve

    SOLD  Wilmington, NC 2000 Lexus LX470

    2000 Lexus lx470. Needs nothing. It is in excellent condition and runs like a new truck! Lots of highway miles. Maintenance has been regularly performed — brand new suspension at around 115k miles. The timing belt and water pump were done at 195k miles. No off-road use except for a few dirt...
  7. dusty6467

    Aftermarket front seatbelts 99' LC

    First post here, and yes I've searched the forum extensively for an answer to no avail. Soooo, I had a front end collision that caused my front seat belts to lock up. I mailed them to Safety Restore to fix them and USPS damaged and/or lost them. Now I'm trying to avoid shelling out $500 for OEM...
  8. Northlandmatt

    Time for a new CV?

    Hey Mud, I finally had some time today to get under the truck and think I have pinpointed my "clunk" caused by going over small bumps and cracks. After poking and prodding around I discovered that there is a substantial amount of "in and out" lateral movement where my passenger side axle meets...
  9. E

    SOLD  1998 Toyota Land Cruiser - Frederick, Maryland

    Black 1998 a Toyota Land Cruiser for sale. $1250.00. Has a new catalytic converter, relatively new brakes (<1yr), and new BF Goodrich T/A KO2 275/70R16 tires with <5,000mi on them. Replaced factory speakers and stereo headhunt with a Kenwood Apple Car play stereo. Truck runs great, but has...
  10. Velogas

    For Sale  Tulsa, OK 2003 Lx470 trans for core/rebuild

    2003 trans $250 Shifts P-N-D but only runs through 3rd, unsure of final diagnosis. Codes : shift solenoid and pump pressure ? Truck still drives. Replacing with a used trans v/s repair/rebuild
  11. AndersonDin

    Roaring engine fan?

    I’m not sure what’s going on with it but the fan that is Attached to the serpentine belt is so loud you can’t hear the engine. The higher the RPMs the louder the fan gets. It quite literally sounds like I’m back in elementary school sitting in the school bus not able to hear anyone Over the...
  12. AndersonDin

    Can I paint this?

    I am getting close to the end of my rebuild on the wrecked cruiser and am now looking into paint. My color is Champagne pearl. I have a fender, door, and side mirror that need to be painted. I have heard that since it is a pearl color I have to repaint the entire car. is this true?
  13. M

    L-track mounting question

    Hi all! Been try to figure out a setup that can accommodate my needs for work and outdoors activities for a while now, think I'm pretty close but I would really appreciate your input! Background : For work I have to go on site quite a bit, and being in Vancouver means that I need a place to...
  14. CruiserChadC

    Selling 100 Series Cruiser(Year 2000)

    Selling my 2000 Land Cruiser. I am the 2nd owner. 100% AZ Rig with Zero Rust. I bought it 5 years ago with 230k miles on it. It was the original owners daily driver and serviced regularly at the Toyota dealership. I have since maintained it meticulously and have a stack of maintenance...
  15. beer

    is this too much rust?

    Have spent weeks learning about 100-series and am now searching for the right '06-'07. This one has great service records, but the amount of rust underneath was a bit more than I expected. I believe it spent its entire life in Kansas so far. I looked through all the other rust help threads I...
  16. Skyshark

    3rd Row seat plugs

    Hey, I’m trying to find replacements for the 3rd row seat plugs but I haven’t had any luck. By seat plugs I’m referring to the plastic things that go on the floor to cover up the folding seat mounts. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. Gunner458

    My 05 LX470 budget build!

    So let’s start with the stock 05 LX470, 207,000 miles and runs like a champ! (Roadside bargain)
  18. CaptainBenRP

    Wanted  Wanted: Driver Side Front Fender 99 LX470

    Looking to buy Drivers side front fender for 1999 LX470 will take any color.
  19. athensrep

    For Sale  1999 LX470 Rust Free - Atlanta - SOLD

    Rust Free 260k SOLD I bought this a couple of months ago for my wife so she could get out of her beat Tacoma. She likes it, but the sunroof isn’t working and she likes the gas mileage on her Tacoma. Yeah...I know. It’ll be a great start for someone as it’s a GA/FL truck that’s rust free. It...
  20. CloudCity

    Picked up a new 100-series

    Just found this new-old-stock Kyosho Mini Z Land Cruiser 100-series built in 2003 and still sealed in the box when it arrived to me. Have had a couple of days to play around with it now and it's a lot of fun for such a small, low key little rig. Has some cool features like full articulation...
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