200 Slinky Specs?

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May 9, 2013
Rocky Mountains
@AutoCraft Aus

There’s a lot of information about the Slinky kit for the 80 series. (Shock lengths, spring rates, need for rear bumpstops, longer brake lines, etc.)

I was wondering what the specs are for the 200 (shock lengths, spring rates, front/rear lift) and what else is needed to run it (bumpstops, brake lines, UCAs, adjustable rear links, etc.)

Is it a true “long travel” kit similar to the 80 kit? (My understanding is that Autocraft has two different types of lifts, not all of them are “long travel.”

How does the specs and ride compare to OME offerings?
It looks like they are selling Icon suspensions, nearly identical to what is offered here in the states, listed as Icon suspension AU.
You would have to talk to Icon to see what the differences are in the valving of the shocks, maybe aussie models are heavier due to the diesel.

The only way to get a "long travel" lift on a 200 is to extend the upper and lower control arms, ie. the Tundra swap. I didn't see any offerings on their site that had any of that equipment, as Tundras aren't sold in Australia.

the interesting thing is the rear springs. they aren't listed on the Icon site (usa), but are listed on the autcraft site as Icon suspension au.
They seem to be similar in length and description to OME offerings, but don't list any specific weights, just light, intermediate, and heavy.
#slinkylongtravel 200 kits come with the bump stops and diff drop, and everything needed as a complete package.

The rear coils are 150kg levelling

200kg (440lb) constant load 3"

400 kg constant load 3"

We use the blackhawk 3 degree factory ball joint oe supplier chassis bush set up to fix the caster and extra droop clearance.

In 2018 we have new kdss links to suit the 12" rear shocks, and keep the kdss working.

Depending on engine determines front coil over rate.

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