1. bpm

    BPM’s FZJ80 Family Cruising/Exploration Machine

    I wasn’t initially planning on doing a build thread but I am inspired by Boxrocket and the threads of others. It’s neat to look back at the history of the vehicle to see where it was and what is has become. So here’s the beginning of my story… My wife and I moved back to Colorado after a little...
  2. AutoCraft Aus

    Builds #superslinky 80 build thread.

    So with this build we are going to go all the way to #stage11 ! So we have some great build partners as we work through getting this set up through our pre production and assembly in 2019, so we thought we should get some color scheme ideas into place, so the theme can carry through the...
  3. HDJdreams

    200 Slinky Specs?

    @AutoCraft Aus @dockbox There’s a lot of information about the Slinky kit for the 80 series. (Shock lengths, spring rates, need for rear bumpstops, longer brake lines, etc.) I was wondering what the specs are for the 200 (shock lengths, spring rates, front/rear lift) and what else is needed...
  4. Ali M

    Slinky Long Travel Stage 4 question

    planning to add 3" lift and I am looking for long travel suspension and smooth ride like my 200 on my recently purchased 80 and came across these Icon stage 4 kit and wondering if 80 owners had tried these and how's the ride overall on and off road? is it worth the money? Red Line 80 Series...
  5. RLMS

    David H's 80 series. Before and after

    So we ended up buying David's 80. Sold it to a client, then upgrades happened. We had to get it ready for the #SWadventure17 trip and moab 17. It's wild how the cruiser completely changed! Before Pics
  6. RLMS

    Builds Red Line Landcruisers " The Tale of Two 80's" Build

    THE TALE OF TWO 80s Introduction Jay and I (Justin) had an epiphany last year. We used to make fun of guys just like us when we were younger. We'd say things like,"He drives an 80 series. Such a wuss." If we're being honest, we snubbed those guys big-time. They had the windows up and the A/C...
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