For Sale 1995 80 Series 30k miles - $20k w / lockers

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United States
Can't post a link from my Ipad, but do a search with this Autotrader ID AT-136F5A5D. Mint 80 series with lockers in Ohio. Tempted to buy it myself but I'm really wanting a 60/62, so I thought I'd pass it on to fellow Mud members. Someone grab this before an Ebay flipper does....

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wow .... and no spoiler and no roof rack. please someone buy this. It looks great!
Mint ride for sure though IIRC they salt roads everywhere in OH in the winter...would like to see some undercarriage shots before I got all lathered up.....

Based on where that rig with ~80k sold a few weeks back that caused all the hurt feelings, this seems in line, though I'd rather buy something with 100k and put the ~10k into lift, sliders, tires, bumpers....

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