For Sale 1991 FJ80 with turbo diesel swap in Arizona

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United States
1991 FJ80 with a 3.9l 4 cly 4BD1T diesel conversion for $6000 firm. With 35” tires these conversions get 22 mpg, with the current 31”tires it gets 20mpg. If you do not know much about this type of swap check out the sticky threads here Isuzu 4BD1T/2T, or pm me to ask any questions you may have. Divorce forces sale, my loss is your gain. Sold as is - see needs below. Buy it as an engine swap for your own 80.

The ’91 cruiser part of the project is mostly what forces sale – I do not have the money to refurbish it, put in lockers, and other work needed: dash dissembled, interior partly disassembled.

What you get:
4bd1t engine with 190k - $3000
700r4 tranny rebuilt with 1k on it - $1000
Mark's adapter for t-case -$1450
Isuzu swapper adapter for engine -$1000
Blast performance turbo with 1k -$800
Driveshaft machining -$500
Engine and tranny mounts -$500
Intercooler -$100
Aluminum radiator -$250
Dual batteries -$200
Tranny cooler -$50
Diesel torque converter -$500
Balanced flywheel -$200
Remote oil filter and fuel/water
Separator -$200
Isspro gauges, tach sender
Gauge mount -$400
Thermostatic fan switch -$40
Custom exhaust -$400
'91 Land Cruiser -$1000
4bd spare injection pump, injectors
spare engine parts -$400
Total - $12,000

This vehicle needs 35” tires, has 31" on it, to make gearing correct for the transmission. It currently cruises in the sweet spot at 60mph, so for it to cruise in the sweet spot at 75mph it needs 35" tires. If you but this for an engine swap into your own bad ass cruiser you will need a 2.5 - 4 inch lift.

The good:
Turbo builds up to 17psi, Strong running engine, almost new tranny, drive train in good working order.
Mount fabricated for AC compressor – space on upper left side of engine - there is no AC system right now - no lines, compressor, or condenser.
Tranny pan leak
Injection pump and injectors could use to be rebuilt (small amount of white smoke and unburnt diesel smell) – most with this conversion have boosted the fueling and the professional way is to have a diesel shop increase the cc’s on the injectors and to match the injection pump at the same time – might cost somewhere between 1-2k
Interior and dash put back together





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Yes it runs and drives, brakes and can be easily shipped.
I have been driving it around town and on the highway!
Not registered as a diesel. I live in rural AZ and do not need.
forgot to mention tranny pan has a leak that need to be fixed
price reduced in original post
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190k about half it's life. Great low end torque

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