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Sep 11, 2014
United States

PRICE $11,500

Lots more pictures at this link

This is a super rare unit and deserves to be back in the wild where it belongs, but I have too many projects and not enough time. This rig has the "poverty pack" manual crank windows, manual door locks, lever style climate control, cloth seats, just simple Toyota. Only power option is the sunroof. I know if this truck was all fixed up I could get double what I'm asking, but it's just sitting in my driveway waiting for the attention it deserves and someone should be using it to have fun in this summer.

114,229 miles (183,833 kilometers) VIN# HZJ81-0000555

Here's what it has:
  • 1HZ straight six, runs flawlessly
  • Timing Belt and water pump just done
  • All fluids and filters are new
  • Just flushed tranny and cleaned out the filter
  • A440F Automatic transmission
  • Full float rear axle with LSD
  • Center Diff Lock (NO front or rear sorry, but ARB makes good ones too)
  • R134 A/C
  • Absolutely no rust, there's a bit starting underneath, but it's very minimal, Pictures at the photo link
  • Clean clear Montana Title

This Rig needs a few things which is reflected in the price, I've sourced all the parts needed to fix it and will happily pass all the info along to the next owner. Once I start the project, I'll be taking it off the market until its all done and gussied up, but I know there's plenty of DIY Cruiser Heads out there that will be all over this the way it sits.

  • It's been in a fender bender or two, PS rear quarter needs replaced along with the tail light, lights up but it's cracked.
  • PS mirror is missing and there's a dent that goes along with it.
  • Someone left the sunroof open at some point and rain got in, so the sunroof shade needs the liner re-glued to it. Sunroof doesn't leak when closed though.
  • The front PS carpet and rear carpet is missing.
  • Front bumper needs to be replaced
  • A/C needs a charge
  • Radio doesn't work and never looked into why, no speakers either.
  • Fuel gauge is stuck on full.
  • Needs two new tires up front, back ones are brand new. Gotta have 4 matching for full time 4wd!

That's it for the stuff it needs, nothing too major, just lots of little stuff I can't get too for awhile. The motor runs really strong, fires right up every morning even after it's sat a couple weeks, doesn't leak or use any oil. absolutely no blow-by! You could use it as a daily driver as you build it since it is totally mechanically sound and gets incredible mpg! This thing moves down the road really fast too, I got her up to 160km/hr just to see what she was made of, only thing that slowed me down were the slow cars I got stuck behind. But seriously you can go 80 mph all day long and still get 20+ mpg! It can get 25 or better if you drive like a normal person.

Truck is located in Western Montana just outside of Kalispell and Glacier National Park. I can pick you up from the airport or help you arrange shipping on your dime. Private Message me if interested.
Thanks for looking

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