1. natethegrate1990

    JDM 80 series (Right hand drive) - general info/questions

    I picked up a '92 80 series JDM in Uganda (~250Km) and have definitely had quite the adventure trying to figure out this new LC lifestyle and reviving the thing from hibernation. The PO didn't really seem drive it once he imported from Japan and it seemed to have been mothballed. My first quest...
  2. nonstopbike

    For Sale  PDX, OR: 2 sets of 15x7” 6x139.7mm alloy wheels with rubber $800/$400

    One set is currently mounted on my KZH106 Hiace, the snow set is not. I am willing to meet up in the PNW to hand off and open to trades! Please let me know if you’re interested, I’m willing to pull rubber off. Currently ISO Lodio Drive Meister Try 15” or 16” with -25/-30 offset. 6-spoke...
  3. H

    Wanted  ISO: O/H Gauge Insert w/Aux Fuel and Altimeter-80Series

    I already have the overhead console with sunroof controls, but I have the compass and altimeter insert and I am looking for just the insert with Aux fuel gauge and altimeter for an FJ80 I think the part number is 83290-60090
  4. TZ62

    Built-in cup holders

    This is the standard cup holder in a JDM Isuzu MU-7. There’s one in each rear door. There’s still space for wiring between the cup holder and the window mechanism. If anyone on this thread can 3D-print good quality copies of this device and a way to securely mount it flush with the inner panel...
  5. Ridies

    Do you prefer customize seat covers?

    Do you prefer off-the-shelf seat covers, or do you like adding your personal touch with custom designs? Hey Land Cruiser 100 series enthusiasts! We're curious about your seat cover preferences. Are you a fan of ready-made options, or do you enjoy the creativity of custom designs? At Ridies, we...
  6. harshjay

    2" body lift on low km unmolested JDM 100

    So got the new ride finally. Shipping has been a task this year, and this one took six months to get to me. 00, cloth interior, heated seats, AHC, body mount spare, no ATRAC, no lockers, 16 000 miles on clock! So I had a specific wheel I wanted, but it's offset puts it inline with the fender...
  7. TurboScott

    For Sale  2H Injection Pump and Injectors

    Used 2H injection pump and injectors. Good condition. Check out our other stuff! $1000
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  JDM goodies from tailgate

    They are chrome color not gold. They mount with double sided molding tape obtained at any auto parts stores. No other JDM parts! Each piece $20. Shipping $4 for 1 ,2 or 3 pieces.
  9. V

    For Sale  Philadelphia: '92 JDM import FJ80 VX Limited, ~107k miles

    Selling this Japanese import FJ80, VX Limited *has suede seats, center console cooler/ice maker, factory bumper winch, Front/Rear discs, swing-away external spare carrier* all options that wouldn't have come on a US version. Factory electronic center diff lock. Very nice condition for it's age...
  10. 3

    Wanted  2H manual

    looking for an early 2H engine manual 1980-1985 version, not the later 2H/12HT version shipping to Helena MT
  11. ih8mondays100

    JDM Landcruiser 100 OEM Brakes and Rotor replacement

    Hey Folks New to the gang and have a brake question. Recent purchased a 98 Land Cruiser 100 from Japan and looking to change the rotors and pads. I’m stateside (New England) and the Toyota Dealer mentioned they can’t find the vin and therefore they cannot change the brakes. They also mentioned...
  12. A

    For Sale  JDM Grab bag. Mostly 80 series. Rear visors etc updated 1/25

    Some fresh items from Japan have arrived. PayPal or Venmo available. 1. New in plastic wrap 80 series rear diffuser. What it looks like fitted is 2nd pic. $100 2. Aftermarket 80 Series Rear Spoiler. New in plastic. $200 3. Dakar mini poster 8.5x11 $20 accidently crushed it :skull: 4...
  13. Miloslavich

    The Hilux Thread

    Post em' if you got em! I'll start: 1992 JDM LN107
  14. dzl40

    FREE  NorCal: 80 series - random JDM parts

    Clearing out my shop and need all this gone by the end of the month: JDM Stuff: - OEM Wind deflectors (missing a rear one) - OEM Front bumper off a 1996 HDJ81 Side pieces claimed - OEM turbo back exhaust off a 1996 HDJ81 (1HDFT motor) Downpipe claimed - OEM side steps off a 1993 HDJ81 (some of...
  15. Loober

    Wanted  79 series 99-07 Front Axle Housing

    Looking for just the axle housing, elocker or non, no guts necessary. Must be from 99-07 narrow variant. Thanks
  16. Miloslavich

    1992 Diesel Hilux

    Not so much of a build thread, more of a collection of some pics I thought i'd share. I have been tinkering with and building up this rig for about 2 years now. I absolutely love this machine. 1992 JDM Hilux.
  17. viperdriver69

    New owner of a ‘98 JDM 100 / 1HD-FTE

    Hi all, wanted to introduce this hog. 220K km, fresh paint, headlight mod, pristine interior (cloth seats!), and new wheels/33 A/Ts. It came with a seized up transfer case shifter so that’s the first project. Then new audio system, lift, and no links/bushings, and LED headlights (@alfaboss...
  18. Willis

    Wanted  70 Series Transmission Harness

    In search of a 70 series Transmission harness - the small simple one that sends signals to the cluster for 4wd/4lo, reverse, etc. R151/H151 preferred but H55 will do just fine. Text or call is great 5414200049
  19. Workhorse

    SOLD  80 series manual transmission crossmember-NEW

    I sourced this for my 80 series conversion many years ago (I believe this is NLA now) and ended up going a different route. It is brand new never installed. I paid $125 plus shipping for it then. I am asking $100 OBO plus shipping from me to you. Thank you for looking.
  20. Workhorse

    SOLD  Airbox lid for HDT/HDFT/HZ

    I have an extra airbox lid from my parts sourcing for my 80 series conversion years ago that I want to find a new home for. You can use this lid with your FZ airbox if you cut down the threaded rod in the center to the proper length and run a die over the remaining rod. The H* box base center...
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