1. mudbutt

    How to install DEPO clear corner lights onto LX470

    I know the title sounds stupid. How hard is it to install clear corner lights after all? And why am I making a dedicated thread about something so meaningless? A little background: I bought my 98 LX back in February of this year, and since then, i've been slowly working on small issues, lots of...
  2. H

    SOLD  Kalispell, MT: 1985 HJ60, JDM RHD 2H

    (Sale Pending) Priced to sell as my situation has changed. About to relocate and don’t have the time to begin a full rebuild or time to part it out; I could make far more than asking price even if I parted it but I hope someone wants a new project. I imported this truck from Japan 5 years ago...
  3. Luckyunderwear

    For Sale  1993 Toyota Hiace 4WD Diesel $13k

    Thought I’d see if anyone here is interested in vehicle. This is a 1993 Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Toyota Hiace van. I imported this from Japan and I'm the first US owner. It it legally titled and has a brand new USA VIN issued to it. This was not an easy process but it's all ready to...
  4. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: LC 40/60/70 Series Parts - PAYPAL with Global Tracked Shipping! PRICE DROP!

    Hello! I'm selling JDM Spares for the 40, 60 & 70 Series Land Cruiser. These have been recently restored and serviced. 1) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT Condition! 86120-60040 #1 2) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT...
  5. P

    For Sale  1990 JDM HZJ73

    1990 JDM HZJ73 for sale: $17,000 Truck located in Washington, DC. Title and Registration in District of Columbia. 1HZ 4.2 L Diesel Engine. 292,311 KM (181,633 miles). Automatic Transmission. Manual Hubs. A/C and heat work great. 24 volt system. Suspension seats. Removable FRP top. I...
  6. HJ47

    Wanted  Needle in a Stack of Needles: BJ44/BJ46 Rear Seat (Forward Facing) Back Stopper Rod Assembly

    I feel a bit ridiculous even asking... I'm looking for the support rod assembly that holds up the (ultra-rare) BJ44/46 middle forward facing seat in the 'tumble' position (you fold it towards the front seats and this rod assembly holds the tilted position). Thanks. Part Numbers variations...
  7. mleichty

    SOLD  Carbon Fiber Heated Seats and JDM Heated Seat Switches FZJ80

    Set of carbon fiber seat heaters that are new, never installed for both driver and passenger seats. Pulled one set out and made a couple small pencil marks and then decided I wasn’t going to get them put in and needed to get my 80 back on the road. Includes everything you need for a basic...
  8. N

    For Sale  1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41 RHD Diesel

    Up for sale is my 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41. It is right hand drive, imported legally from Japan almost two years ago. I have a Nevada title for it, and have had plates on it and insurance here in Nevada. It will pass diesel smog but of course it doesn't have to because of the age. Make...
  9. Sherif Eldibani

    For Sale  1991 HDJ81 55K miles Locked, Winch , Clean, Registered

    (Duplicated) Year 1991 Pictures: http://openjanela.com/1991-for-sale/ 88,000 KM - about 55K or 56K miles. OEM Differential Locks Front and Rear. Some Body issues - Minor cosmetic scratches and damage to front OEM bumper, & left side Mirror. Very Good Condition In and Out Great & Clean...
  10. CaptainAussum

    Delete Power Steering Pump on 1KZ-TE?

    Hello everyone quick question, has anyone done or heard of deleting the power steering pump on the 1KZ-TE engine? I have a ‘94 engine living in a FJ40 that will be getting electric power steering so no need for the pump. Im just unsure of gear driven pumps and what effect the lack of one may...
  11. Jdmfun

    SOLD  1992 FZJ80 VX Limited JDM Clean Newport, RI

    I am selling my 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 VX Limited. It is very clean, scored a 3.5 at the Japanese Auction. Imported in April 2018, never driven in the snow here. Center Locker Brand new BF Goodrich KO2's 315/75/16, also have 3 good BF Goodrich Mud Terrains that will be included...
  12. A

    For Sale  1989 Toyota Hilux SSR quadcab 3L diesel

    Selling my Hilux LN106, some of you may remember it from earlier this year on the classifieds. I have gone through the mechanical bits of the truck and it’s ready for another 100K+ miles…I’m unloading it so soon because I work on a military base and going through the entry gate is VERY...
  13. hoon77

    For Sale  JDM HJ61 Split rear seats in Porltand

    Posting these bad boys again. $400 takes them. Local pickup only please.
  14. A

    For Sale  1993 Hilux Surf (4Runner) KZN130 with 1KZ-TE

    Toyota Hilux Surf (4Runner) KZN130 with the excellent 1KZ-TE 3.0 liter turbo diesel. Out of the Tokyo area with 129,500 miles (208,586 km) - very clean inside and out - lots of power and drives excellent! Similar to the 1990's to 2000's Landcruiser Prado. The Hilux Surf is well equipped with...
  15. popstar

    Seriously Impressive 80 Series Build!

    I found this and had to share it with you guys. I think many of you will really appreciate the level of detail in this guy's "build" Moderators, I apologize if this is not in the correct section.
  16. T

    Texas Registration issues

    Hey guys in a bit of a pickle here. I'm having issues registering my 1993 HZJ73 in Texas. First question, does anyone know where I can get my export certificate translated and notarized? I have the translation but its not official. Second question: The tax and revenue office says that I need...
  17. P

    Wanted  Value of JDM FJ80 with 3F-E PICS added

    Just checking the value of this prior to making an offer. It appears to be in good cosmetic condition with no rust on the body, and the regular "Japanese goo" they spray on all imports prior to importation. No visible rot. The truck has about 100,000 (unconfirmed) miles (yes miles but speedo is...
  18. Navyator

    Any concerns with lifting a 91 JDM?

    Hey all, I'm looking at getting a lift at some point for the cruiser. Nothing crazy, just a normal lift to get a bit more clearance, replace old springs/shocks, and hopefully improve ride quality a bit. I've found plenty of threads to read about all the various options out there, but i feel...
  19. Outono

    SOLD  JDM 80 series super rare Active Vacation Package drawer / camping system + sink & stove

    SOLD!! Went to a California local. Thanks for the interest guys. ################################################## UPDATE: I am willing to ship this kit anywhere within the continental USA. You let me know how you want it shipped (FedEx, UPS, freight) and I will work with you to get it...
  20. R

    For Sale  18x9 Enkei ZX on 285/60/18 SoCal

    JDM Enkei Borgner ZX 18x9 +0 Offset 6x5.5 / 6x139.7 Made in Japan They have been sprayed black. Tires are Nankang 285/60/18 with decent tread left. Located in Temple City, CA (91780) $800
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