1. I

    FSM Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) 1995 Supplement

    Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) FZJ80 HZJ80 80 series
  2. T

    1hz lose of power

    since I've owned my hzj80 1hz it's been sluggish but I've noticed now that I live in the hills it really really struggles up hills shes a part time 4wd and I have it in 2wd all the time. 14% steep hill she drops from 80km in 5th gear to 60km in 3rd to eventually I have to drop it down to 2nd and...
  3. Ma80y

    Power steering complete loss 1991 hzj80

    Hi guys, after a couple of days out at lancelin dunes after turning a few hard corners at speed I lost power steering completely and it's become extremely hard to steer the car. I cant see any leaks at all and resivior is where it should be.... I have a 150km drive home and was wondering if...
  4. sunrk

    Starter motors for 1hz diesel in an 80

    My existing starter motor (a Bosch) fitted to my 1hz motor is beginning to play up. I suspect it's the solenoid contacts or something related to that, similar to what happens with the higher quality genuine Denso starters. I'm thinking of buying a new genuine Denso starter and 'going back' to...
  5. N

    Hzj80 95 indicator issuses.

    Hey guys need your help. I have a 95 hzj80. I had a winch fitted at the start of 2017. Was the start of the power issues i dont think the winch is the problem. Wired straight to the 2nd battery. A few days after the winch was fitted my headlight dimmer switch would not work. Everything else...
  6. mtntoys

    For Sale  HZ/HD/FJ80 Copper/Brass CSF Radiator

    ****SOLD**** I have 2 CSF 2709 radiators for sale. One is new in box but the neck the cap goes onto is slightly pushed down into the top tank. The other one was in my cruiser for 10k miles. I swapped it for a high performance radiator to handle my turbo setup. It works fine. These will fit...
  7. mudandrock

    For Sale  1991 DIESEL HZJ81

    PRICE $11,500 Lots more pictures at this link https://www.flickr.com/photos/139397590@N05/sets/72157664688342404/with/25733109844/ This is a super rare unit and deserves to be back in the wild where it belongs, but I have too many projects and not enough time. This rig has the "poverty pack"...
  8. Cob

    Bj73 engine conversion from hzj80r

    Hi, I'm transplanting a 1hz with h150 gearbox out of a 1996 hzj80r into a bj73 and I'm wondering what is the best solution with wiring up the engine and gearbox. Would it be best to grab a engine and gearbox loom from a hzj79 and the instrument cluster from the hzj79 as well. I have the gearbox...
  9. lahiruk

    HZJ80 Glow, FIlter, Air indicator works intermitantly

    Dear guys, I have this issue every morning for the last week. The dash indicators on the leftside of the dash do not light up. I also notice that the heater relay does not work. the starter cranks and with the vibration that brings in the lights switch on and everything goes back to normal. I...
  10. NicoB

    For Sale  1991 HZJ80 with mods - preliminary announcement

    Year: 1991 Model: Land Cruiser HZJ80 Engine: 4.2 diesel (in line 6 cylinder) Transmission: Full Time 4WD, manual with electronic center differential lock Mileage: 270,000 km (168,000 mi) Modifications: OME 2.5" heavy suspension lift Complete Re-Gear Package (4.56:1) from IPOR Aussie rear locker...
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