1990 vs '91 + 4Runner rear window relay compatibility


Sep 13, 2019
Is there any difference between 85930-89103 and 85930-89105?

One is supposed to be for '90-'91, the other, '91-'95. Will the newer one work on a '90? The newer ones are a little cheaper. I don't know if one is actually not compatible with the other.

I tried to clean the relay contacts, but no dice. I couldn't get the relay to put enough pressure on the contact for it to roll the window back up. I could press it gently and it'd go back up by hand just fine. Then I tried swapping it with a relay from a 3rd gen 4runner, but I don't have a desoldering iron and it didn't go so well.

I'm open to wiring up a switch or something. Bit of a pain. Definitely prefer the Land Cruiser split rear setup with the half lift gate + tailgate. Seems like less to go wrong.

Are there any other options I could consider? Preferably that don't involve a ton of rewiring, but maybe it's worth it.


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