For Sale 1985 FJ60 - resto-mod V8 conversion - 116,000 miles

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United States
For sale is my resto-mod, western-sourced, Land Cruiser FJ60. 116,000 low low miles on it. If you have any inclination towards classic SUV’s, this is what you want. A true timeless design, and rock-solid foundation. I engineered this car to last, and have the qualities of a (fast & reliable) daily driver. Get in it and go. I have $25,000 invested over the course of 3 years of work – all done by master mechanics at their shops. No expense spared to make everything right. All the bugs associated with a conversion are worked out – ready to go. I had previously owned an ’86 FJ60 and drove it as my daily driver for 8 years before buying this one. I didn’t want to make this a daily driver and only want 1 car – so I decided to sell and get other toys.

Brand New:

-Crate GM ram jet 350 Fuel-injected engine. 350 hp, 400 tq. + all new associated peripheral engine parts. Perfect for this truck.

-Cold air intake system.

-2.5” exhaust system, quiet as I could make it.

-NV4500 5-speed transmission

-All new brake parts – including master cylinder/etc

-All new suspension system – Old Man Emu 2.5” lift, medium spring.

-Aluminum high-performance radiator – engine-driven cooling fan

The body and interior of the FJ60 is all-original. Includes the roof rack. Key for me was keeping it looking and feeling original, but with modern features. Trust me after driving a carburetor FJ60 for 8 years, the computer-controlled EFI is the way to go. Also unlike the old, the handling and driving feel is light and nimble – downright athletic. However, this vehicle feels bright, open, and airy on the inside unlike any SUV today. It has front heated seats! Take a look online at some of the Land Cruiser restoration shops out there, and get an idea what these are going for that are well-engineered with this engine conversion. Everything works, and works well.

Price $27,000

Serious inquiries only, please.





Looks great! What year was the conversion done? Is there 116K miles on the new engine or on the body? Does the AC work, etc...?
Is this a Throttle body injection?
Any additional undercarriage and rear interior shots?
Conversion was just done in the last couple years - bugs worked out with about 2,000 miles on the conversion. I had a 4-speed automatic in there first, but didn't like how it drove so I re-converted it to a NV4500 and think it fits the truck better.

Here's a link to the engine I bought from GM new: Ram Jet 350 Small Block Crate Engine | Chevrolet

Everything works.

Here are a few more pics including undercarriage.




Thanks for the additional pics. Looks like a really nice rig! If I can get my truck sold I'll PM you.
Awesome. Can / has it passed emissions?

Unsure if it would pass emissions. Clean, computer controlled EFI - however it doesn't have a catalytic converter. I did leave space in the exhaust system to add it later, however.

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