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  1. Sherif Eldibani

    SOLD 1991 HDJ81 55K or Whatever - I am keeping it

    Added New Pics of the under-carriage, showing suspension, and all the rest. If Other pics are requested please let me know. Year 1991 Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iFpYP7tPvgd6wica6 This car is NOT in a rough Shape - This would be my car of choice if i were to keep one since all I...
  2. O

    For Sale 1994 FZJ80

    I'm selling my Land Cruiser. $9950 or best offer. 126K original miles! California car, no rust, no salt. Custom brush guards all around, heavy duty roof rack, 3rd row seats. In last 6 months: new radiator, hoses, belts, brake pads, driver's window motor. In last year: new rear tires, new or...
  3. O

    For Sale 1994 LC for sale, 126K miles! $12,500

    I'm selling my '94 FZJ80 with only 126k miles. California car, no rust, custom brush guards. Great condition. No lockers. See CL ad for pics and details. https://outerbanks.craigslist.org/cto/d/1994-toyota-land-cruiser-very/6617763660.html Thanks!
  4. A

    For Sale 1969 FJ40 almost no rust- all original!

    Cruiser in great shape, barn for 40 years, only 73k miles... it needs an engine rebuild but perfect for the right buyer. More pics and info in the craigslist listing below. Asking $15,500 obo. 1969 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser
  5. W

    For Sale 1989 FJ62 98K Original Miles

    1989 FJ62 totally gone through front to back. 98K original miles everything works perfectly just like when she was new. Custom paint, lift, wheels and tires. $28,750 OBO CALL OR TEXT CHAD ANYTIME 8018030588
  6. W

    For Sale 2000 LX470 For Sale

    I'm selling mine from Vero Beach, Fl for $US 11,000 with following: -160k miles -clean, non-smoker -extensive service records available from Lexus. -new fluids after move to Florida (prev. owner did at 118k and I did at around 150k ish) -new radiator and radiator hoses -AHC delete (some parts...
  7. ThomasMore66

    For Sale Unicorn?

    Just saw this: Used Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale - CarGurus If real, it's a unicorn. Someone should investigate. I don't need a third 80.
  8. B

    For Sale Craigs Find LA 04 LX low miles

    Found this on CL. One owner low miles all dealer serviced. I had a PPI done but passed on the truck because couldn't negotiate price low enough to my comfort zone. I'll share PPI with anyone here that's interested, though. 2004 Lexus LX470 Low Mileage
  9. Andre Kuznetsov

    For Sale 2000 Land Cruiser, Super Low miles .. Portland, OR

    Unforeseen financial obstacles are forcing me to put up for sale my pride and joy...Its a 2000 Landcruiser 100 series with ONLY exactly 100k miles on it. Everything works as it should and there are absolutely no issues.. The cruiser does not have any dings or dents, no fading and no weather...
  10. DJCloz

    Craigslist find 03 w/ low miles in Los Angeles Area

    this looks like a smoking deal for a low miles truck. clean 2003, 99K miles, $13,7..... seems like $12,5 cash to me! Toyota Land Cruiser 2003
  11. A

    For Sale Washington, USA. UZJ100 , TRD supercharger, adult owned, no rust, low miles.

    It's not a Unicorn, but a nice low mile UZJ100 with dealer installed TRD supercharger. P Adult owned, well maintained and never hooned. Zero Rust. This Land Cruiser was set up by an acquaintances father to tow a travel trailer, thus the Supercharger and air bag assisted rear suspension...
  12. C

    For Sale Beautiful 1989 FJ62 - low miles on recent rebuild

    I am re-posting my beautiful FJ62. The previous buyer didnt follow through on the purchase while I was overseas. I am moving out of the country and would like to sell to a good home. It is currently at a Toyota dealership outside of Boston. They did an inspection and can send pictures at...
  13. T

    craigslist '96 Low miles in NorCal

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser *140K Miles* Clean Title Not affiliated but has low miles and seems to be in good shape.
  14. Matthew Rekers

    For Sale '00 in Knoxville, TN 122k miles

    I am selling my 2000 Land Cruiser with only 122k miles on it. It does not have lock differentials. Weather Tech mats. Nice paint with no rust on the body, but a little underneath the vehicle. Just had it serviced and it is good to go. It is a solid Land Cruiser, $12,500 or o.b.o. I have had it...
  15. Friar Tuck

    For Sale '00 UZJ100 w/89k miles Loveland, CO

    Getting rid of my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser w/very low miles (89,187 miles as I write this), it's in excellent condition. I've recently completed some preventative maintenance including OEM CV joints, both front power door lock regulators, and timing belt all completed at my local Toyota dealer...
  16. S

    Wanted 200 series '08-'13 with low miles

    Looking for a preferably one owner low mileage 200 series cruiser. Prefer black, white, or gray but will consider other colors. Good maintenance history of course. I found a '09 I am close to pulling the trigger on, but wanted to reach out to my Mud family for any great deals that I can't see...
  17. LockedCollector

    For Sale Feeler: 1994 FZJ80 Poverty Package 154k miles

    So I have an opportunity to buy this at about $6500, no lockers. Rides nice. Needs valve cover gasket, ps pump, egr work, birf rebuild, the usual stuff. I think it's a fair price (actually have never paid this much for an 80). However, my plan would not be to keep it but to tend to the basic...
  18. mcewan13

    For Sale Grey '03 in Portland, OR | 79k miles

    Details: Bone stock. One owner Dealer maintained. Gray. $24,900 on CL $24,500 to the MUD community. Imperfections: East Coast car. Minor surface rust and corrosion visible in a few areas. I will get detailed pics as soon as we get a sunny day and I take the rig out for some photo ops...
  19. sokoji

    craigslist 1997 FZJ80 Low miles $1700

    Not mine, no affiliation, seems nice with low miles and cheap. Gray Toyota land Cruiser For sale
  20. S

    For Sale 1998 LC - 130k miles $9000

    Okay here she goes : im a single mom. Douchebag dad helps no way $ or any kind of way except drama. Hence, I need money. Know this - Shes my dream truck n offroads like none other (the couple times i was able to take her out). I searched the whole southwest in 2015 for her. Bought her in...
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