For Sale 1971 FJ40/Cedar Park, TX/ $12,500 (1 Viewer)

Jul 24, 2017
Cedar Park,TX
Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
78613 Cedar Park Texas, United States
I have decided to sell my 71 fj40 to work on other projects. There is only so much time and money.
The fj runs and drives. I have done the following:
  • Rebuilt the brake master cylinder
  • Rebuilt two of the wheel cylinders and replaced two.
  • Rebuilt the slave cylinder
  • Put a new radiator and related hoses in
  • Put on a new water pump
  • Put on a new Weber carb
  • Installed a couple of new turn signal lights
  • Removed, cleaned and painted the gas tank
  • Put new heater hose on, not currently hooked up
  • Rebuilt the ebrake and got that working
  • Put a new rear hatch handle on
  • The car runs and drives. It has a leaking wheel cylinder and the steering gear box just started leaking while it was sitting
I have replaced all the fluids. It has solid body panels. It has been a TX car for a very long time and sat covered. It has the original motor and it runs very well. I have not had a chance to hook up the vacuum actuated transfer case. Therefore I cannot say much about the 4wd drivetrain. The original color was a sand beige, it is currently Pueblo Brown. The hard top, as you can see is not original to the truck nor is the passenger door. The glass I. The driver’s side door is cracked and does not have an actuator in it. I may have that in a box. If I do it will go with it. I have quite a few pics of the vehicle. If you are interested please email me at

I am looking for $12,500. I hold clear TX title.





Jul 24, 2017
Cedar Park,TX
I looked back through my post and neglected to add that like many of these old FJ’s the electrical needs work. I got the headlights to work but there are issues. It drives and such but I would recommend installing a painless harness or there is a gentleman on the forum here that does full Restor on harnesses. The later is what I would do if I were keeping it.
My apologies for this oversight in the original post.
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