170$ upper tailgate seal option? (1 Viewer)


Sep 1, 2014
Calgary, Alberta
John has been out of stock since July with no end in sight so I have been digging around for other options for the upper tailgate seal (the part that sticks to the truck, not the tailgate).

Anyway, I had tried B-D, but after weeks of we might get this in, gave up and am looking at Steele Rubber Products and came up with this option:
70-1169-130 is exactly the 1 1/16" width at the base of the channel,
70-007-99 is 11/16 wide which is just shy of the outside coverage and a little more than the inside. If I trim to meet the 5/8 channel height on the inside, I should be fairly well sealed.

I have one and a half of the boots for lack of a better word and can reuse... (the second pic is my channel minus the interior cloth).

Think this will work or am I "flocked" until John gets stock (groan, I know, couldn't resist)?

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