1. Borrego

    87 FJ60 - Winshield wiper park switch

    Hey guys, I just added a 87 FJ60 to the fleet. It's awesome! I love it! There are some minor issues with it, but nothing a little TLC can't fix. One of the issues is, on occasion, the windshield wipers won't park. This is intermittent. Sometimes they work flawlessly, and other times, high works...
  2. Paraglider

    How to remove entire windshield wiper motor and arms

    This pertains to a 40 series Landcruiser. Having just done this and not having found a coherent post about how to do it (i.e., part here and part there and no part anyhere), I thought this might be helpful for others who knew as little as I did before I started. Adam, from Chula Vista, CA, and...

    Windshield wipers

    I just recently got my Fj and ever since I got it my windshield wipers have made an awful noise. I'm guessing they need to be replaced. Any preferences or suggestions?
  4. 73tlcv8

    interval wipers

    Converted an old ford interval wiper switch and circuit for the 40. (Hope the youtube link works) Had to modify the circuit inside the box slightly since the older 40 wiper motors work with a positive common brush where the ford system uses a negative common brush. The switch is dash mount...
  5. Formulaonehd

    HELP! Car wont start and wipers wont turn off

    Guys hoping the 80s expertise here can help me. my 80s wont start now i just get a click but my wipers wont stop either no matter what position i put it in. The water line and pump for them wont work either even though i replaced the washer bottle motor recently. The strange thing is the wipers...
  6. wngrog

    "Windshield wipers slapping time..."

    My wipers are smacking the bottom of the windshield and going off the drivers side 2-3" when its raining. What parts do I need to have on hand when I remove the motor and stuff? I'd like to minimize down time. Any tips are appreciated as well. Pic because I like pics.
  7. JohnnyC

    Wiper Contact Covers

    The wiper auto stop cover for 68-74 (single upper wiper motor) has been discontinued for some time now Part number: COVER, WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR AUTO STOP SWITCH 85146-60070 I have a decent one to copy... however the copy wasn't too good so I had to build from scratch Since I was going...
  8. Thorrior

    For Sale Wiper Linkage Bushings

    I have 3 new nylon wiper linkage bushings for sale. This is the part that connects the wiper motor arm to the wiper linkage. I had to order them from Australia, so I ordered extra. I'm asking $15 a piece. PM me if interested.
  9. RedComet

    92 FJ80 - Dead Battery Mystery

    Ok, I have a good one for you guys. So we've noticed that our '92 Cruiser's battery seems to die at near random points. It originally died after we brought it home from the PO which was a long drive in the rain. (Wipers, lights, heat all on) So we thought alternator. We've checked and...
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