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  1. Bill F

    Switch Doctors window switch replacement

    Did this today while drinking my coffee, made a very basic video that might be helpful to some: Overall the switch seems to work pretty well at 10% of the price of a factory replacement, and I clearly need new window runs (and probably motors), but will get to that as I can. And yes (full...
  2. R

    Wanted window switch (auto), or just the cap - passenger side- 99 4Runner

    hi - i do not need the entire plate and window/lock switch assembly i just need the cap to the switch - looks like passenger side is same as the 2 on driver side . my switch works but i busted off the cap and some little white rocker/plunger inside is broken too. I would be able to fix with...
  3. Frkens

    FJ62, master power window switch removal

    Simple question... How do I get it off without destroying it? I looked everywhere for similar questions asked. Couldn't find any, so guess I'm an idiot. I'm afraid of just pulling it out even though I assume it's snapped on to the door. The FSM doesn't say anything about the master power window...
  4. RiFF RaFF

    Wanted 1996 FJ80 Passenger Window Switch

    I need the passenger side window toggle switch for 96 FJ80. Thanks in advance. Doug
  5. haze1964

    Power Window Switch – fresh out of ideas

    Realize there are many posts on this topic. Read many of them and have followed the advice given, but a little stumped. Problem started a few weeks back. I could lower the front driver-side window, but was suddenly unable to raise it. Prior to that, all windows and locks operated properly...
  6. redstone311

    Wanted FJ62 Master Switch - grey

    Looking for replacement master switch assembly in grey (windows & lock) for drivers door. I could settle for just the power window internal sub-assembly if necessary. Thanks!
  7. RiFF RaFF

    Wanted 1996 LC Front Passenger Switch

    (Switches are orderd) Wanted - 1996 Land Cruiser (or compatable) Front Passenger Window / Door Lock switch. Please verify that it's in good working order. Thanks in advance. Doug
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