1. melmwood

    My ZUK Story: Rear Diff Rebuild Stops the Whine

    About five months of ownership under my belt now, and the number one concern and issue I had with my 97 FZJ80 w/ 171k is finally resolved: the whine is gone. Let me explain... I've spent the last five months trying to internet-diagnose all the possible sources of my LC's whine on acceleration...
  2. Chachi254

    High pitch "ring" or "whine" when accelerating hard, stops after transmission shifts

    Hey all, Background: I have a 1996 LX450 with 200k. The cats have been removed and exhaust leaks have been filled. My transmission shifts hard and clunks when going from reverse to drive and between gears. My vacuum line charcoal filter is extremely blocked up. I've done the search in google...
  3. 3

    Sloppy drive train and whine

    Hey guys I've been dealing with a worn out clutch and a lot of play in my fj40 for years now. I'm looking to have someone look it over and tell me what it needs in the northwest Georgia area. Anyone have a trusted mechanic in that area? Thanks
  4. DeadguyLLC

    Transfer case whine

    I have a 1978 FJ 40 with a fairly new (like within the last 15,000 miles) Orion transfer case. It emits a low whine, that builds up as I increase the speed, and then goes down as I slow to a stop. This seems to be a fairly new development, but my 454 big block V8 is so loud, I might only have...
  5. shoresoccer13

    Whine above 70

    I was driving down the interstate and noticed today that if I go above 70 I have an intermittent whine, slowing down it disappears completely and above 75 is constantly there. The only thing I notice at a complete stop is that the passenger front appears to be lower than the rest of the vehicle...
  6. XrayMan

    High pitch whine then a big metal clunk

    Hello, I have a 1993 Land Cruiser and was driving the other day and was hearing a pitch whine, like old school radio hiss, and before i could pull over it made a big metal clank and the truck acted like you threw it into park. When i tried to move everything was engaged, power to the wheels, but...
  7. RND1

    Power steering whine at 10 O'Clock position

    This started fairly recently, when I turn the wheel through the 10 O'clock position, I hear something akin to a power steering whine and then it goes away. If I turn it to the 10 O'Clock position and hold it there it doesn't whine. It's worse when it's cold and better when warm, but doesn't go...
  8. cult45

    Gearbox Whine

    Searched the interwebs for ages and I keep finding Honda stuff - what gives? Got a one piece H41 with a high pitched whine in 3rd. Also in 4th but less. Also in 2nd but less again. 1st isn't too bad! It's a good box, it shifts fine and I drove it 600mi. in a day just after it went in. We...
  9. P

    Whine from front during acceleration/deceleration

    Hi All, I recently bought 2006 GX470 with 107K miles on the clock. Couple days after noticed a whine from tranny/Transfer case area during acceleration/deceleration. I've replaced fluids in transfer case, tranny (drain and fill) and differentials, but it hasn't made any difference. Fuilds in...
  10. wood47

    Transmission/Transfer Case Whine

    While driving, there's a very pronounced whine/whirring sound coming from underneath the transmission hump. Having never driven a 40 prior to owning the one I have, I don't know if this sound is within the realm of " normal". It's definitely not road noise and it seems to be something other...
  11. btbowie

    Fun new noise started.

    Hey Everyone, I hunted through the clunk thread and a few others but couldn't find anything that fit so I tried to grab a sample. I'm only shooting stills these days so I sold my audio gear, used an iPhone 6 for this. There's wind noise but you'll first hear it about 6 seconds in and then it...
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