1. GWcruiser

    Battery shopping ...

    and came across this perfect fit (size wise) for my FJ: ProLED 80D26L 12.8V LiFePO4 80Ah 1300 CCA...
  2. RFB

    OIl weight in FZj80 in Northeast

    The manuals call for 5w30 so I got 8qts of mobil1 ready to go, The head is new(40k) and its supercharged. Now being anal I just had to double check this oil viscosity issue and damn, its a topic. any thoughts? I get a bit of white smoke on startup(a bit) and afer driving here 2k miles since last...
  3. E

    Wanted Bumper Weight thingy that attaches under the frame

    This thing listed here: Question about attachment to undercarriage If anyone has one they want to sell me, I'm interested! troubleshooting some vibration issues and someone said to try putting this thing on.
  4. Taco2Cruiser

    GVWR, how much can a 200 safely carry?

    We all use our 200s differently, from daily driving with families, to towing, weekend camping, to full long term expedition travel. Safely carrying extra weight seems to be an ongoing concern, as it should be. Lives are at stake. I for one use mine for long term remote travel and harder rock...
  5. C

    does anyone know how much weight a 100 series roof can handle ?

    if I were to attach a roof top tent could it handle a 4 man tent?
  6. C

    What motor oil type and weight do you use?

    Toyota recommends 0w-20. In other countries thicker oil has been recommended for older land cruisers. In the US we had a 5w-30 recommendation for the 1fz-fe when other parts of the world had thicker recommendations. Historically the land cruiser has been easy on oil with prior engines. I'm...
  7. Taco2Cruiser

    Distribution of weight

    Curious what you guy do with disputing weight when packing the 200? I've got a fridge that weights 100 lbs when full that goes on one side, and 3 duffle bags and 3 wolf packs and water heater that weight 160 when full on the other side. Which side would you put these items on? I'm also trying...
  8. bugsnbikes

    tow rating and tongue weight

    So- i have an 80 series that has been bastardized into a 4200lb -fzj55 and im wondering how tow ratings will be affected compared to stock with the 700ish lb weight reduction???? should tongue weight be increased to make up for slightly lightish rear end? or should i add weight in the bed...
  9. bwell

    Aluminum vs Steel Wheel Weight driving opinions

    I have 18" tundra five spoke steel wheels that I cleaned up and painted gun metal color. I like the look and they seem to hold up great to the abuse I've thrown at them. I found a set of tundra aluminum five spoke pictured below that are in good shape for $100. The steel wheels are so dang...
  10. RWBeringer4x4

    V8 Swap Question: Getting Full driveline weight on Frame w/o Mounts

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to mock-up reassemble my 283, H42, and 4-speed case w/ new transmission cover and Downey bellhousing to go back in the truck for alignment and test fitting of the new motor mounts I'll be welding in. The location of the front mounts is pretty well established here on...
  11. AussieFJ40

    OEM parts gurus - dimensions/pics of stock rear muffler 1978 2F

    Hi guys As part of my resto I am recreating the OEM exhaust system as closely as I can, albeit with extractors up front. Part of this means sourcing a muffler that closely resembles the OEM item. Would anyone be able to provide basic dimensions (length x diameter) of the stock rear muffler...
  12. kaneenak

    Wanted 1972 FJ40 Carb Parts (USA-NC)

    We are trying to locate a couple replacement parts for our 1972 FJ40 as part of our carburetor rebuild. 1. We damaged the "discharge weight stopper" while removing it. 2. The "screen" was apparently missing. We have found the parts here but they are not available: Search by Part Number 042-27...
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