1. Ambrew

    For Sale Warn Winch controller with plug

    Works. was on an 8274. Always interested in trading for bj42 or fj45 parts. 60$ usd shipped to Canada/Usa
  2. R

    Remove M12000 from Bumper on vehicle

    Has anyone removed the M12000 from an ARB bumper while still on the truck? And then reinstalled it? It looks like I could lower it out between the bumper and front of the truck. I think I could use my UTV winch to lower it from the top bar of the bull bar. I need to pull the winch for...
  3. V

    Warn 8074 Restoration

    Hey everyone. I just bought a '71 FJ40 that came with a Warn 8074 winch. I've decided to restore the winch but I've hit a snag pretty early that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I've removed the circlip holding the brake assembly to the shaft but the assembly will not come off! I've tried...
  4. AlbertoSD

    SOLD Warn M12000 Winch - New

    Bought this Warn M12000 winch brand new a few months ago and will use a different winch on my 80, so this one is for sale. It is still brand new, unused, and in the box. Asking $1200 o.b.o. plus shipping from Cincinnati. Thanks! -Alberto
  5. 000doodie000

    Winch cab switch installation question

    It does not look like I can delete this post so I am going to reference it here in our club forum for anyone that is looking to figure out how to wire a 9.5 xp from 5 wire to 3 wire and set up an internal switch. Thanks to the folks that chimed in. Winch Wiring question
  6. Hoz FJ40 CO

    For Sale 12-15 Tacoma Arb Bullbar, Winch, lights setup

    Hey guys, Sold my 14 Tacoma and pulled the bumper. For sale is 12-15 ARB Bullbar w optional Fog Light kit, M8000 winch mounted into bumper with all wiring (plug and play), winch remote, winch line tether and IPF lights. I prefer you pickup. Shipping a 300 lb item isn't easy and I don't want to...
  7. E5corn

    New FJ80 (new to me)

    hey everyone! Just recently purchased an 1991 FJ80, it’s got the snorkel, Kaymar rear bumper, ARB front, Safari snorkel... and it had all of its original emissions stuff!
  8. OffRoadScott

    Be on the look out

    Good afternoon. Sometime between 1700 last night and 1230 today the Warn winch was stolen off our company truck. The model is unknown but it should be pretty easy to recognize, the wires were cut a few inches back from the winch. If you see it for sale somewhere please call us at the shop...
  9. dahlmaker

    For Sale Warn 86255 VR 10,000 Winch

    ***SOLD*** Selling my Warn VR 10,000 Winch. Purchased it 9/5/16 from 4Wheel Parts. It's sat on my truck for almost two years and has never even been unspooled! New house and new kid = no time for wheelin and needing some cash. I'm asking $400 and I'm in Los Angeles. Local pickup only. Thanks!
  10. Stik11987

    Anyone running warn vr10 on arb deluxe bumper?

    Hi is anyone running the warn vr10 on an arb bumper? I bought a vr10s and was going to purchase the ARB3411050 bumper but am worried about compatibility. And yes I know I goofed on buying the winch first. A sale got the better of me!
  11. B

    Warn Xeon 10-S Platinum vs Comeup 9.5rsi

    Hey everyone, hoping to get some specific feedback on a decision I am getting ready to make. Much like I suspect many others have done, I have spent many hours scouring both this forum and others to try and gain a better feel of what winch I want to purchase. I am at a point now where I have...
  12. IheartBJs

    For Sale Warn 8274 winch

    Pulled this off my 42. I'd rather go the PTO route.. Warn 8274, manufactured in '75. The socket is aluminum. Control lead is 12'. I have not tested this myself, but the guy I got my cruiser from claimed it worked. Either way it'd be a good restore project. Looks like they attempted to repair...
  13. Napoleon047

    For Sale Coarse spline hubs and birfields

    Coarse spline birfields Coarse spline Warn hub Coarse spline Selecrtro hub Hubs unlock and lock by hand but have not been gone through. $50 shipped CONUS
  14. MRT Motorsports

    WARN WL Series LED Light Bar BLOWOUT Sale - Discontinued means cheap! USA Made

    Hey all, WARN is discontinuing their WL Series LED Light Bar Line. These light bars are Made in the USA by Rigid Industries for WARN. These are very similar to the original Rigid E series with a heavy duty WARN bezel. WARN offered a blow out price on them so I scooped up what I could. Price...
  15. MrBG

    For Sale Like new Warn 96815: Warn VR10-S Winch

    Selling a warn vr-10s winch. Never used, recently installed by the PO of the ‘81 BJ40 I just purchased. Still has the factory manual and decals. Heavy duty synthetic line. Retails for $769, looking to get $650. I don’t have use for a winch on the new BJ as I don’t plan on doing any hardcore...
  16. MRT Motorsports


    Its summer which means its time to break out the rig for some epic adventures. Those who like to get off the beaten path know how important having the right winch & recovery gear is. What better time to upgrade your rig with the most dependable, quality made winch out there. WARN quality is...
  17. B

    Replacement 6 spline Warn premium locking hubs

    Do you guys have or know where I can get replacement (used and in good condition) 6 spline Warn premium locking hubs? I have a 1971 FJ40.
  18. Kayaker

    Warn 8000 (no so) routine maintenence

    So I bought my Warn Model 8000 new in 1974 and it has been on the front of my Land Cruiser ever since. I've done a pretty good job of keeping the oil level up and replacing the oil with the recommended SAE 30 motor oil and the old winch has been a dependable as my FJ40 for 43 years. Turns out...
  19. T

    For Sale 2 Warn Winches witch cable controls.

    One works one for parts. 400 obo 42743 Could meet with in 100 miles.
  20. P

    For Sale Warn hubs/coarse birfs/center arm (72FJ40)

    (These have all been taken) I have the above for the cost of shipping. If you want to throw in $10.00 for my time to the post office that would be great. Will probably be easiest for me to send in flat rate boxes. They were all in good condition when removed, but that has been many years ago. Pete
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