1. mhansen146

    For Sale  Vintage Clean Con-Ferr 48x48x6 Roof Top Basket Rack with Bolt on style original mounts

    Hi Guys, I have a very clean Con-Ferr Roof basket rack with wood slat floor. This was attached to my Isuzu Trooper when I bought it. I have rocked it for the last year, I restored the original wood slat floor (sanded/re stained/helsman urethane varnished/new stainless hardware) but I have been...
  2. Westbend5858

    For Sale  Koni Shocks

    Vintage Koni Adjustable Shocks New in the box still, never mounted. Model 8241-1022. Approximately 27" long. Asking $200 for all 4.
  3. J

    Wanted  Vintage Fog / Driving lamps for FJ62

    Looking for that last part to really add the wow factor to an FJ62 restoration. Would really like a set of amber or clear aux lights that have either “Toyota” or “LandCruiser” on the grill/cover of the light. Need to be 12v. I know Koito made some really neat JDM ones. Preferably metal housing...
  4. Broc2C

    SOLD  Turbine Wheels 15 x 8.5 Aluminum Toy/Chev 6 lug - with tires

    Western Turbine 15 x 8.5 wheels (set of four) with lug nuts and washers. All have well used 31 x 10.5 tires mounted ('07 & '08 DOT manufacture dates). $250. /offer 10 miles west of downtown Sacramento CA.
  5. J

    For Sale  1973 FJ-40 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Hello, long time member of with an extraordinarily clean restored FJ-40 to sell to a good home. An A/C and doors have been added since these pictures were taken, and I will add to this thread with more detail as I find time. I have attached some pictures, but will be getting some...
  6. fourtillfour

    Adventure Mobiles + Coffee - Saturday, October 28, 2017!

    Hey Guys, The perfect AZ weather is back and I want to invite you all out to our last Saturday of the month, Adventure Mobiles + Coffee meet! Join us tomorrow, Saturday, October 28 from 8am - 11am. We welcome all adventure cars and have great parking out front and surrounding our coffee...
  7. Dragos80

    Wilton 400S bench vise worth the price?

    I am looking for a bench vise, but sure if this old one is worth the price. The 746 (made in China) model costs the same brand new and it has a 6" jaw vs 4" for the old one (made in USA). Here's the old one for sale And the new one is advertised on their site, of course. Mechanics Vise 6"...
  8. F

    One Owner 1991 LJ73 LX w/ Power and A/C

  9. YSG2017

    Wanted  One Vintage ONE Vintage Aluminum Jackman-Style 15X8 6X5.5 8-Spoke Wheel in Good Cond.

    Finally found a terrific set of four of these wheels! Now I need one last matching wheel for the set for my spare tire on the back of my rig. Anybody know of where I can find just a single Aluminum Jackman-Style Vintage 8-Spoke wheel in the size 15X8" with 6X5.5" lugs? Looks like this (but...
  10. YSG2017

    Vintage Jackman Steelies 8-Spoke - Thoughts

    Anybody know anything about old Jackman wagon-wheel steelies from the '70s, or where to get a 15X8.5" set of 5 that would fit a BJ40? Thanks for any thoughts on these. They look like this: Cheers. :)
  11. 4WD Swagman

    Vintage Camping Gear - What Do You Use?

    Inspired by the Coleman thread, welcome to the vintage camping gear thread. The rules? There's just one rule - it has to be at least 30 years old, so manufactured on or before 25APR1987 ;) Show us what you got.
  12. YSG2017

    Wanted  Jackman style vintage 8 spoke 15" wheels

    Looking for a set of 5 good condition vintage ('70s) Jackman-style 8 spoke wagon wheels. 15x8.5 6 lug 5.5 White Steel or aluminum. Don't have to be actual Jackmans, as those are not DOT approved and illegal on-road now. There were plenty of safer, better designed ones in the late '70s also. ie...
  13. ccasteel

    Vintage Air - Heat

    I bought my 40 with a vintage air unit already installed. I think I found out why the heat didn't work so well. It appears it was never hooked up. At first I just thought it was because the hose is kinked, but then I realized the hose just connects the bottom pipe to the top pipe. It doesn't...
  14. cruiserkreutz

    Vintage Air Vent Question

    I just completed the install of a nice Vintage Air system in my 1973 FJ40. I am not getting hardly any air flow out of the pictured vents. Adjusting the defrost/floor pull switch does not seem to do much of anything. Tons of air comes out by the feet, not so much at these vents. Those of you...
  15. tls3601

    Vintage Off Road Meetup; Four till four coffee..........Old Town Scottsdale

    Hey this Saturday am the 25th Four till four coffee is having a meetup for vintage off road vehicles. I am thinking of driving a '76 FJ40 down from Prescott area. Anyone else planning on bringing out their Landcruisers?
  16. N

    For Sale  Rare Unique 1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser - One of a Kind- Extremely Clean! – (Tampa, FL)

    Rare Unique 1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser - One of a Kind- Extremely Clean! – (Tampa, FL) - - This rare and unique FJ started its life as a Chassis and Motor that were purchased at a DEA Auction. – This truck was originally used to run drugs across the desert, which is how it ended up as...
  17. Strand4x4

    Builds  1991 Mostly Stock Build

    This is my 1991 FJ80, I'm just putting the finishing touches on it. My goal was just to fix the problems and not to fully restore it. It has just over 95,000 miles. The previous owner put in locking hubs and de-smogged it. I had some wheels from a 96 FZJ80 those are mounted with BF Goodrich...
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