1. RstBckt

    Project Wrongway

    We've all bee there... Project Wrong Way Show your support for the arts :rofl: and subscribe to his channel.
  2. 2002psm

    HDMI port for rear video

    Anyone successfully tried using the HDMI port for the rear video? I'm trying to use a media player to play movies instead of using DVD discs - Micca Speck G2 1080p Full-HD Ultra Portable Digital Media Player...
  3. Green80Series

    FJ80 Gamiviti Roof Rack Install

    So far I'm a fan of this rack. I opted for the flat option instead of one of the ones with upward or downward facing side walls because it was less bulky and costed less. It has mounts for a light bar up front, which ill probably end up using.
  4. Green80Series

    Gamiviti Roof Rack Install

    Just me and my buddy installing a Gamiviti roof rack on my 80 in an office max parking lot.
  5. Formulaonehd

    Video tutorial, How to replace radiator, belts & water pump 1FZFE

    Another basic vid of how to replace the rad, water pump and belts. While im sure there are some short cuts i wanted to do this for those with little exp in doing this, just as i did with my oil cooler vid last week :) I did forget to mention in the vid to looses the pivot bolt on the alternator...
  6. Travelin2gether

    What are you watching? Travel Overland Videos

    I am looking for some new Travel and/or Overlanding channels to watch on YouTube or elsewhere and want to know what you all are watching. Give a name, or even better, a link to the content and maybe a description of what it's about or what you like about it. I'll get us started: Ronny...
  7. NLScooby

    Complete Transmission Flush DIY - VIDEO

    I finally pulled together the video I took while completing a complete transmission fluid flush. Most of you know the dealer's service typically consists of draining and refilling the pan only. This only introduces 3-4 clean quarts of fluid in the system. I went through 14 quarts of fluid...
  8. J

    Request for video of ahc pump

    Hi could someone please send me a video of the ahc pump running with the outlet pipe open want to see how much force the fluid is supposed to come out with. Would be a massive help.
  9. Blade 80LC

    Video on why driveline angles matter

    I suppose a lot of people knew this. I knew driveline angles matter in theory, because I've read it in a bunch of places. I didn't really know why, except that sometimes people say, "You'll get vibes." This video give a bit more why, and shows it in case you don't believe.
  10. A

    Bypassed and Removed Rear Heater, Here's a Video

    After reading through various threads I finally bypassed and removed the rear heater using the simplest procedure I could think of. Hopefully this thread can help someone else out that has been reading multiple threads on the topic. Please note that I did not drain or flush my system at this...
  11. soreneagle

    Gibson Cat-Back Comprehensive video

    I put this system on my truck and put together a comprehensive video since all I could ever find was short clips. I included parked revving, in cab sound, and a drive by. Enjoy!
  12. cru1s3r

    Rear-seat Video Screen Removal Question

    So, I'm in the process of removing the rear seat video screens in my new LC. The cover came off easy. A 10mm socket made quick work of the three nuts holding the screen onto the back of the seat. Two of the connections came off easily, but I'm having trouble with the green connector. Any...
  13. ariff

    Radiator flushing video

    After reading the many threads on this site about how to flush your radiator, heater cores and block I thought I'd make a quick video to help others get started on flushing theirs.. This is how I decided to do it.. Not saying it is the best way but it worked for me and hopefully others..
  14. ariff

    Fixing rear sliding window leak video

    Thought I'd post a quick video of one way you can fix your leaking rear windows.. Hopefully this can help others..
  15. LALC

    Movies + Video Games = Road Trip Fun!

    Goal: Have access to a library of movies and video games playable on all 3 screens in a 2016 Land Cruiser with no internet required. Remote controls for the video menu as well as the gaming menu will be XBOX 360 controllers. It must require only minimal computer experience and be easily...
  16. D

    Video Recording on iPhone/GoPro/Yi 4k/Others

    Not sure this is the right forum but it seemed closest. I'm interested in the setup others have for video recording while offroading. Am signed up for HIH7 and want to do some video and so far I'm thinking about my iphone on a dash mount, GoPro 5 dash, or Yi 4k system on dash. The GoPro and...
  17. umpqua

    Troopy Video

    This may be in the wrong forum but I thought the Land Cruiser crowd might enjoy this. You may want to forward to the 5 minute mark. She does such a wonderful description of the Troopy set up. I can watch this again and again for some reason.
  18. Rudster

    Pretty cool video

    Came across this pretty cool video of a tundra:
  19. P

    Monster Yota Toyo promo video

    Probably not the ideal place to share this but thought you would enjoy this video of a Toyota truck, not sure what it is showing lots of suspension flex (moderator, please move to most appropriate place)
  20. Mighty690

    Oil analysis Youtube video

    I inadvertently came across this video of a 300,000 mile Ford engine oil analysis. It's a good video explaining what a Blackstone report can show. The engine was maintained and is performing well apparently, but the results are very informative. FWIW. Scot
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