1. denverj86

    A/C Vent Cover Discoloration/Stains?

    Hi to all - new 2005 LX owner, just flew down to TN and drove her back to Denver. 260k, but very minimal wear. I finally found my creampuff! HOWEVER, and I know this is common - but does anyone have any experience repainting the a/c vents next to the nav/HU? Very simple to remove, but one...

    REPRODUCTION D-Pillar and Front Fender Vents

    I have gotten these dialed in and they were approved for production this afternoon. CNC milled from 6061 and will have two finish offerings. Bare and black hard anodized. They will come with new custom EPDM 70 gaskets and 316 stainless steel trim screws. BOTH ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE...
  3. 73tlcv8

    FJ40 rear axle vent

    I have been (and still am) looking for a genuine Toyota rear axle vent, it is the longer one that also holds the brake line tee to the axle also. I was also wanting to extend the vent instead of having it right on top of the axle, so I was also looking for one of these: No luck so far, so...
  4. S

    Fresh air vent gasket on window frame

    hello I'm wondering if anyone has ordered the replacement gasket for this cowl/fresh air vent located on the windshield frame of an fj45. If so did you have to grind out the tack welds out and separate the inner and outer piece of the metal to get the new gasket in place. Or of the new gasket...
  5. c2dfj45

    45LV front vent window glass.....anyone need some?

    I'm going to have a few 45LV vent window glass pieces made for my LV(mine were damaged by careless grinding that was done on the truck when the roof was getting done) I need to have pieces cut, drilled(for the vent window latch) and then tempered. Figured if anyone needed some, might as...
  6. 89GASHOG

    Fuel vent hose attachment broken

    The rear most of these on my rig has broken off at the nipple where it ties into the fuel vapor separator gizmo. Anyone have any clever ideas on how to remedy this, without replacing the entire assembly? I thought that perhaps I could cap it and find a place to secure it above tank level. I...
  7. TEC3

    No Air from any vent

    Hey Guys, My wife picked up a 2006 100 series this weekend and we are excited to have another cruiser in the house. Today while she was driving the blower makes noise/ blows but no air is coming out of any vent position. She has tried to move it from defrost, to vent to floor and all other...
  8. S

    T vent just blew. Now what?

    So my t vent just blew. happened as I pulled in to home luckily. I had just bought the replacement T and the hose clamp and have them sitting here waiting for a free weekend to change them out. Any advice? Try to pull the remainder of the old vent out of the hose?
  9. jaymar

    Vent air inlet location?

    Once upon a time I read a thread that talked about getting rid of a/C system mildew smell by spraying Lysol or Pine-Sol into vent system's air inlet. Alas, no one actually said what that location was. Hoping someone here happens to know… Thanks for any help!
  10. flintknapper

    LX470 rear vent windows, use them or leave them alone?

    I've never opened the rear vent windows on my 99 LX470. Not a lot of information on them here. Are they one of those things that's better left alone (won't seal well again if used much) or are they fairly reliable? We rarely use the Sun/Moon roof but it does function well and has never given...
  11. gator25

    Sealing Cowl Vent Cover

    Hey guys need some ideas, been trying to find a gasket to seal off the cowl vent. Plan on putting a cover over it from SOR and painting it. Has any of you made a gasket and what did you use? I want do away with the drain hoses and fill in the holes in the trans hump. Any suggestion is welcome.
  12. greenbeast

    For Sale  SA doors with vent

    Gonna sell the doors of my 79 bj40 project. These are from south of the border (south american rig) They are in no way perfect and need some work. The glass is good in both. There is rust at the base and crappy repair of one so reskinning them would be best. I really don't have any idea what...
  13. stevebradford

    Cowl vent?

    I have a very rusty 72 cowl with a functional vent I'm thinking of using for a project. I really like the idea of the vent but have never driven with one. I have a 78 cowl in better shape but in my mind isent as cool. Does the vent shift a lot of air into the cab while driving? Was it supposed...
  14. Catfish28

    Windshield defrost vent guides painted?

    OCD question I know. Were these windshield defrost vent guides painted from the factory? Looks like factory paint worn off the plastic in places.
  15. WillGentry

    Wanted  FZJ80 Drivers side A/C vent trim

    Looking for the plastic trim that goes around the passenger side A/C vent for my 96. Message me if you have one laying around. Edit: meant passenger side in title. Cant figure out how to edit it.
  16. L

    Wanted  early windsheild vent parts

    Looking for the crank knob and all the other parts for vent
  17. whitey45

    For Sale  Early to 65 fj25,40,45 windshield vent and 3 upper hinge trim pieces

    Hard to find, rust free vent door and trim. Vent $100 shipped, trim(3) $40 each all studs intact, one missing a center stud $30 plus shipping
  18. Merman26

    Wanted  74 FJ40 Right Hand Side Window Wing Vent

    Hello. I am looking for the right hand side wing vent window glass and the locking handle. Lmk if you got one. Thanks.
  19. Thirsty

    Another Hood Vent Option

    As a half banana DIY guy (at best), I’m actually pretty happy with the way this turned out:
  20. Matt1260

    Wanted  1973-74 FJ40 Cowl Vent Linkage

    Looking for the linkage for the cowl vent + pull knob and bracket...
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