vacuum leak

  1. F

    Vacuum leak solved

    Earlier this year I acquired (paid too much for) a 78 Fj40 and began a DIY restoration. I was fortunate to have found a truck that was 100% original and have enjoyed resurrecting my 1970's mechanical intuitions. The main difference between 1970 and now is that its much more difficult to slide...
  2. NeverGiveUpYota

    Vacuum Leak, Manifold footprint on graphite gasket

    Just layer the whole port holes w/ copper before mating the double gaskets? I pulled everything again today and what I see is a clear impression on the remflex but the corners opppsite the bolt flanges on both outer intake ports are very smooth. At the bolt flanges the material pealed off when...
  3. elliott10

    The unfindable vacuum leak

    Well ive read every thing i can find about the common vacuum leaks and I'm still having trouble. I recently installed a trollhole card and dui ignition just because i wanted to update that stuff. And the truck ran as bad or worse than with the stock setup. I finally started finding small vac...
  4. Output Shaft

    EGR Cooler Blowing Chunks

    and not just chunks, but small stones: Hard, abrasive, iron oxide rocks. I thought I'd share something new I just learned about the lowly EGR cooler. The cast iron EGR coolers can internally rust to the point that they'll eventually cough out disturbingly sized chunks of rust "stones" that...
  5. T

    Careless Desmog

    Ok, well I'm not sure if it was an effect of replacing my smog pump with a pulley but my 86' is not running so hot or more specific the idle is to low-stalls out, and it diesels, well it always dieseled but I'm curious if there are things one should be aware of before you pull a smog pump. Note...
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