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  1. LC2015

    Install: Diode Dynamics SmartTap Flasher Relay 2015 Land Cruiser

    I searched around a bit and didn't find much information on this. So after tearing my vehicle apart trying to find the turn signal relay, I figured I would post some instructions. It's easy, takes about 15 minutes and only requires a phillips head screwdriver, a 10mm socket, and maybe a small...
  2. 82FJ40EVV

    For Sale FJ55 turn signal plastic pedestal base & grommet 1975-1980 (reproduction parts)

    I built these for another member on the forum and ran a few extras in an attempt to recover some of my costs. You can take OEM FJ40 turn signals and converted them to FJ55 turn signals with this part. Doing so requires you to disassemble your old lights and reuse the factory bolt. The factory...
  3. 82FJ40EVV

    For Sale FJ55 turn signal grommets for OEM plastic pedestal base 1975-1980

    FJ55 turn signal grommets for OEM plastic pedestal base 1975-1980 A Mud member asked me to make a custom set of these for his FJ55 so I printed a few additional sets if anyone is interested. These are 3d printed parts made out of TPU, a rubber like product. These will only fit the OEM plastic...
  4. sunrk

    Options to replace std flasher relay with one to suit LED lamps

    Tridon (a local Oz-based automotive aftermarket place) lists a *lot* of different LED flasher relays, and they all claim to be 'load sensitive' and have a 'failure alarm' which is something I've never come across before. Flasher Relays - Electronic | Tridon I want to replace all my external...
  5. NovemberNoLast

    Wanted 76 FJ40 turn signal switch end piece

    I am looking for just the end piece of a turn signal switch for a '76 FJ40. Here's my best description: It is the larger diameter end piece of the stem that you actually touch when turning on the blinker (in later models has the arrows and high beam icons on it. The year I am looking for has no...
  6. djzimms

    For Sale 2 Sets front turn signals 80 Series $25 each shipped ($40 Set)

    I have 2 sets of good condition not cracks front turn signals for Land Cruiser/LX450/80 Series. Asking $25 each shipped or $40 Shipped for a set. OEM Amber color.
  7. Q

    Plastic Turn Signal Knob

    So the plastic turn signal knob on the metal lever broke, and it doesn't look like they make a replacement, does that seem correct? The turn signal and brights still work so I don't really want to go through the hassle of replacing the whole unit.
  8. BeerM3

    Looking for a Turn Signal Christmas Miracle!

    Morning all, 1/76 F40 and I'm stumped by a non-functioning turn signal issue. I've previously been able to sleuth out problems like this through similar q&a's in the MUD forums, but not this time. I've read through this thread several times FJ40 Turn Signal Trouble shooting as well as others...
  9. Swampfox58

    Turn Signal Giving Me Bad Signals

    Started two days ago. Left turn signals works normal. Right turn signal will indicate on the dash and click just once, dash indicator stays lite. Rear right signal stays lite but front right signal doesn't come on at all. I've got the column cover off so I thought I'd hit up the talent for...
  10. Fantom

    BJ42 electrical gremlins - turn signals

    I've had this truck for a while now and something very weird is going on. Has been happening since I bought it off the previous owner. Some times (unrelated to weather, time of day, temperature or alignment of the moon) the turn signals and the hazards stop working. I can try either one...
  11. morganism

    More turn signal trouble 83 FJ60

    I've read thru the "Blinker no Blinky, and the other two headlight switch threads here: High Beam Lights FIXED!! Finally! and Help - electrical issue. Got power to headlights and lamps with key off, wipers with key on, hazard lights working, replaced blinker relay, and popped the cover ...
  12. Randy88FJ62

    FJ62 front turn signal screws/bolts? Lenth / pitch?

    Someone stole the magnetic tray on my bumper and took the screws holding the turn signal with them. So I need to source new screws/bolts. They are the long ones with the philips head. I can measure at home if no one knows off the top of their head. Thanks.
  13. markdrm1

    ARB turn signal or parking lights?

    Mine have never been wired up. Have you ARB bumper owners wired yours as blinkers or parking lights? Also, what would you consider the proper way to wire them up? Just splice it somewhere?
  14. Catfish28

    Front turn signal housing color?

    I've looked on the forum but can't find an answer. I have the 2 sets of front turn signals shown in the pic. I'm trying to figure out if the Grey or black housing color is correct for my 78. I see them both for sale new here and there but can't seem to find info on when the switch was from...
  15. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale [CA] FJ40 Turn Signal Covers

    These came off my old 40. Don't need them anymore. 40+ship
  16. mudterrain75

    Wanted Toyota Land Cruiser FJ25 Semaphore/winker turn signal

    Is there anyone here who has semaphore/winker turn signal for fj25? I am looking for complete set of it. Please PM me with the price, thanks
  17. J

    LX470 turn signal relocation

    wanting to relocate front turn signals on 1999 LX470 from lower bumper to upper side marker lights. Could have sworn read something on here about it by my search foo just isn't pulling any info up on it.. Any help be great thanks
  18. mudterrain75

    Wanted Semaphore turn signal lights FJ25

    I am looking for semaphore turn signal lights for FJ25, please PM me for the price. I will arrange pickup myself, thanks.
  19. ranma21

    For Sale DEPO FJ40 FJ45 BJ40 40 Series Front Corner Signal Lamp

    Up for sale is a set of aftermarket front corner signal lamp set for 40 series Landcruiser. This set includes both left and right lamps. These are DEPO brand aftermarket lamp made in Taiwan. This is the 3 wires version, please refer to the picture to make sure this is what you need. Items are...
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