turn signal switch

  1. NovemberNoLast

    Wanted 76 FJ40 turn signal switch end piece

    I am looking for just the end piece of a turn signal switch for a '76 FJ40. Here's my best description: It is the larger diameter end piece of the stem that you actually touch when turning on the blinker (in later models has the arrows and high beam icons on it. The year I am looking for has no...
  2. bwalker16527

    Refurbish turn signal switch?

    Has anyone refurbished a turn signal switch? If so is there a write-up?
  3. Q

    Plastic Turn Signal Knob

    So the plastic turn signal knob on the metal lever broke, and it doesn't look like they make a replacement, does that seem correct? The turn signal and brights still work so I don't really want to go through the hassle of replacing the whole unit.
  4. BeerM3

    Looking for a Turn Signal Christmas Miracle!

    Morning all, 1/76 F40 and I'm stumped by a non-functioning turn signal issue. I've previously been able to sleuth out problems like this through similar q&a's in the MUD forums, but not this time. I've read through this thread several times FJ40 Turn Signal Trouble shooting as well as others...
  5. morganism

    More turn signal trouble 83 FJ60

    I've read thru the "Blinker no Blinky, and the other two headlight switch threads here: High Beam Lights FIXED!! Finally! and Help - electrical issue. Got power to headlights and lamps with key off, wipers with key on, hazard lights working, replaced blinker relay, and popped the cover ...
  6. S

    Turn Signal / Combination Switch replacement

    I need help on a combination switch problem from RHD to LHD well here it goes, I got a HDJ81V-RNPEX 1HDT RHD converted to LHD. The part number for the turn/combination switch assembly with cruise control is 84310-6A080 which the left lever would be the wiper control and the headlight would be...
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