1. cjosulli

    Wanted  ISO: FJ40 Tub Midwest

    Hi Everyone, New guy here looking for a ~3/4 tub for a 71 FJ40. I recently acquired an FJ40 which has been one of my dream cars for many years! Being in Michigan, of course the tub is shot. Willing to travel a bit to pick one up or ship it. Trying to keep it authentic as possible, so looking...
  2. HazemKhalil

    Thanks for having me!

    I bought a 1997 Limited 4WD Auto last year with 163k on the dash (lies: Carfax said 254k so I got it for cheaper) as a daily driver to take a load off the 20k/year I was putting on my old BMW. I was taking the BMW to the Poconos, Catskills, Adirondacks, etc. I love the outdoors and the poor car...
  3. mrjordann

    Hardtop-to-Tub weatherstrip... how do I install?

    Hi, I recently bought the 2-piece hardtop to tub gasket kit from CityRacer LLC. I'm sure if you've tried to install one of these, you'll realize how difficult it is. Can somebody give me any useful information? My main issue is that the top keeps tearing the outer piece off of the rib of the...
  4. Tub.JPG


    Gozzard (?) tub
  5. KTM96

    Wanted  Early Tub Wanted

    I'm starting out a frame off project and looking for option on the tub. I have two 40's, one is a 67 and one is a 68. Looking at using parts of both to put one together. The tub on both are super rough and looking to either completely rebuild one of them or buy a replacement tub. Looking to...
  6. Phot0

    Removing Tub From Chassis for a Frame off

    Hello there, its been a while since I last posted. I Started my fj40 project with an idea that went from simply doing the body work, dealing with the typical rust and stuff, to a complete frame off restomod, as I'm not looking for a complete original restoration. That being said, I'm now in...
  7. Matthew Deweese

    Parting Out  1967 fj40 rolling chassis and tub/engine

    I have a 1967 fj40 rolling chassis with numbers matching engine. I also can sell tub. please contact me at 714 349 6798 or matt@pacific1lending.com. I have title in hand. location is Huntington beach ca 92648 2
  8. Matthew Deweese

    For Sale  1967 fj40 rolling chassis engine

    I have a 1967 fj40 rolling chassis with numbers matching engine. I also can sell tub. please contact me at 714 349 6798 or matt@pacific1lending.com. I have title in hand. location is Huntington beach ca 92648
  9. C

    Wanted  1979-84 FJ40 Frame

    Looking for a frame for my 83 BJ42 build in SF bay area, thanks! Also interested in a body tub, doors and a roof panel and willing to drive for pickup.
  10. O

    Wanted  1/2 tub

    need a 1978 1/2 tub. Pilgrim/ccot if someone has one and gave up on their project. DONT want an aqualu or Colombian. I have 2 repop rear quarters with wheel Wells for sale/trade. $800. Thanks
  11. sigorama

    Parting Out  1963 FJ40 - Frame and Tub (and more)

    I have a complete frame and tub from a 1963 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40. Located in Monument, Colorado Frame is $350 Tub is $1000 Frame in excellent condition. Already sanded, primed, and ready for final paint. Hardly any rust. Includes factory motor mounts, shock mounts, and steering box...
  12. Overlander78

    Help! need some FJ40 wisdom on sims/difs

    To be more specific, what issues would I encounter trying to mount a 65' tub on a 78' chassis/drivetrain. I know the Air conditioning isn't a thing on the 65' model so that would be left out. But as far as body mounts/ drivetrain fitment, what should I keep in mind? any major things that will...
  13. Overlander78

    Wanted  1978 FJ40 Tub

    Looking for a tub I'm mounting it on a 78' chassis. Condition prefered to be cancer free I don't mind surface rust, gives me something to work on. Also don't mind if the body is a little bent up. Just PM me with what you got and we can talk. Thanks for your time, Bryce
  14. 85FJ60SD

    Wanted  Wrong thread

    ......wrong thread
  15. K

    Wanted  wanted 3/4 tub 1969 fj40

    I need a tub for my 1968/1969 fj40. I have been cutting and welding on mine and the deeper I get the worse it is. Don't mind a little rough but no rust buckets. Thanks
  16. Varty Yo

    Wanted  3/4 or 1/2 tub

    Im looking for a 3/4 or 1/2 tub for a 81 fj40. Hoping to find a decent one in western canada or ND or MT northern area. Little rust is ok but needs to have good bones. No major cancer please. Prob a long shot but ill just throw it out there. Ive seen your Mrstripe your a little too far away.
  17. Varty Yo

    New 1/2 tub from EBI

    Anyone ever use a 1/2 tub from ebi in bc? I have heard mixed reviews but nobody has followed up about the issues. I heard they may be made in columbia. For a 1/2 tub its half the price as aqualu. Just looking at options for canadian guys!
  18. ghostriders

    Wanted  FJ40 Tub in the PNW

    Hey all. Looking for a line on a good tub in the good ole Pacific North West. I am in the Olympia area. Going on a 76 frame. PM me or send me a text, 931-206-7479. Dan
  19. 77FJDream

    Wanted  TUB NEEDED.......Close to MI if possible!

    Tub Needed...anybody got one??...Close to MI if possible! Hello all and thanks for any and all assistance in advance. Currently in search for anyone that has a decent pre-79 tub. I'm willing to travel a bit or explore help from Mudship to make something happen on this. Looking for a tub to...
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