1. chelfy

    For Sale 2002 Lexus LX 470 Center Dash Navigation / Radio Trim Bezel Woodgrain 100 series

    This navigation / radio trim was taken out of my 2002 Lexus LX 470 with Mark Levinson Navigation. It may be compatible with previous year models, buyer responsible for compatibility check. I believe the part # is 84010-60220 I took this out of my vehicle when doing a retro-fit of an...
  2. S

    SOLD Lexus LX470 Chromed Rear Tail Gate Decor Trim 1PC

    Brand New - 1pc Tail gate / License Tag - chrome decor trim (top piece as pictured) Fits 2003-2007 LX470 $50.00 shipped in US Only 1 left, first $50 gets it!
  3. S

    For Sale Lexus LX470 Chromed Rear Tail Gate Decor Trim 1PC

    Brand New - 1pc Tail gate / License Tag - chrome decor trim (top piece as pictured) Fits 2003-2007 LX470 $50.00 shipped in US Only 1 left, first $50 gets it!
  4. V

    Fender Liner Trim/Movement tips?

    Goodmorning GXOR, it's your friendly neighborhood noob asking for advice from many of you experienced experts. I'm planning on staying stock height for a little while since a lift can be a bit of an investment (also the air bags are pretty comfy for day to day) but once my tires wear down I...
  5. TravelswRusty

    Wanted Can't find quarter garnish/sill for 62

    I just bought my first cruiser, and I'm working on replacing on a few broken interior items. The quarter garnishes under the cargo windows are in bad shape and I can't find replacements anywhere. I've seen ones for the 60 (made for backseats with lap belts) but none with channels for my backseat...
  6. erolsten

    Part needed - RH Lower Rocker Trim "Snake Blinders"

    Hi everyone, Ive been trying to source the RH lower rocker trim "snake blinders" for awhile with no luck. Does anyone have any leads? Thanks so much
  7. S

    Wanted Trim 100 Series Driver Door

    Driver door Mica Green Trim Panel 100 Series Year 2000
  8. A

    FJ60 Drivers Side Rocker Chrome Trim

    Does anyone have a drivers side rocker chrome trim piece in extremely good condition that they want to sell? I bought 2 new passenger side trim pieces from SOR and they said I could switch them around. They pointed out the screw hole at the front of the trim piece on the passenger side would...
  9. Gnarwgn

    Exterior Door Trim/Molding Question

    experiencing an issue where the driver's side passenger door trim/molding (not sure exactly what this piece is called) has somehow popped out of its clips (I think). When you open the driver's side passenger door, it catches the driver's door and prevents me from fully opening the passenger...
  10. ATXLX

    For Sale LX450 Flares/Cladding

    Hey guys, Deflared my LX450 a while back, and these trim pieces have just been sitting in my (small) garage. Trying to make space, and these have to go. Some of the panels have some damage (close-ups in the album below), but for the most part, they are in good shape. I think all the damage can...
  11. M

    Rear Quarter Panel Trim Piece Question

    Hi gang, I think I have an answer ready but I come to you for confirmation and advice. My new-to-me 1999 LC is missing a trim piece on the rear passenger side quarter panel (picture attached). I've found a Toyota parts schematic that shows this piece to be #75651 (right side/passenger side...
  12. ihatecrashing

    Wanted FJ80 Window Switch Bezels

    Looking for brown bezels that fit around the window switches for all four doors in a '92 FJ80. Will pay shipping to Redding, Ca.
  13. D

    Lx470 door trim part numbers

    Does anyone have a picture of the lx470 door trims (all 4) with the part numbers labeled? Thanks
  14. riffman12

    Gutter Trim

    Does anyone have a picture of what the rain gutters on an 80 look like without the plastic trim? Is it easy to get off? Do I just sort of yank it off? Is there any drawback to doing it? My Baja rack sort of crushed them anyway.
  15. 7

    Trim piece between fender flare & body

    Does the flare come off before this goes on?
  16. DomSmith

    Wood Trim Replacement?

    Anyone come up with a good way to change out all the wood trim on a 200? My search results have proven futile...
  17. DuckLN

    Passenger front right outside trim part #

    Help! Can someone pleas look up this part number? Just bot this 2006 and want to replace this trim piece if it's not too difficult. Thanks
  18. wyolands

    interior trim pieces

    does anyone know of a good source to get interior trim pieces for my 99 100. i can't stand the wood trim someone installed and i tries peeling it off but its a nightmare getting the glue/ foam off wood plastic cover came right off. i think it will be way easier to install new trim pieces. thanks...
  19. ga12r1

    Ivory front door opening trim no longer available?

    I've got some wind noise coming from the upper rear corner of my 2000 lx470 front drivers side door so i ordered replacement weather stripping from The front door opening trim ( 62312-60081-A0 )I received was bluish gray and not ivory. Lexuspartsnow is telling me that the ivory...
  20. WillGentry

    Wanted FZJ80 Drivers side A/C vent trim

    Looking for the plastic trim that goes around the passenger side A/C vent for my 96. Message me if you have one laying around. Edit: meant passenger side in title. Cant figure out how to edit it.
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