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  1. GX412

    Pittsburgh, PA: 2006/ Land Cruiser/ 198k, rust free, Trail Tailor, White Knuckle, OME

    Thanks for looking. Listing my 2006 Land Cruiser in Sonora Gold for trade, but would possibly consider selling. Fully baselined and maintained, with tasteful modifications listed below. Zero rust, southern vehicle that has only lived in this area for the last couple years, and has been...
  2. Overlandlc200

    Lower Control Arm Skids Not Fitting - Trail Tailor

    Good evening. I have a 2020 200 Series LC. I have some of Trail Tailor products installed already and working great. I ordered the Trail Tailor skids for the lower control arms but they don’t seem to fit. There’s a flange that’s extends on both sides that’s keeping the skid Las from seating...
  3. MATT0404

    For Sale  PA: 2006 Landcruiser, Southern Truck, 192k, OME, WKO and Trail Tailor Goodies **SOLD**

    I'm regretfully parting ways with my 2006 LC. I bought this rig late last summer as a secondary family/adventure vehicle. I've loved every minute of it but, having recently relocated my family, we're needing something smaller and more economical. This particular Landcruiser has spent the...
  4. HitTheDirt

    For Sale  86 FJ60 in CO - ARB, TD Lift, H55, Pizza Cutters, Rust Free - 148k Miles

    I am listing my 86 FJ60 for sale. I purchased this in March of 2017 from another Mudder. Here is a list of what's been done in the past 5k miles. Wheels, tires, lift, sliders, alt and batt have about 2k on them. The rest of the mods were done the previous summer and have around 5k on them. I...
  5. Boss Hog

    For Sale  Trail Taylor FJ80 Sliders ('94 and below)

    Brand new-never installed. $500 + shipping
  6. A10Driver

    Builds  Frog's "Wife's" 200 Build

    My wife is awesome and therefore needs an awesome ride. I grew up in South Africa and the only vehicle that was tough enough to be called "Africa Proof" was the land cruiser. I have always been a fan and even better my wife is a huge fan as well. We were finally financially able to purchase a...


    Hello all, Andrea made a comment to me a few months back about some type Customer Loyalty raffle. She thought about it and came up with a way to log points. We will do this once a year. Andrea will log the three categories below. Then we will take the top three and have a drawing between Andrea...
  8. Willard

    SOLD  Trail Tailor FJ60/62 Expedition Roof Rack

    Ok I posted this before and at the time decided I was going to keep it. I have since decided to let it go. It is how it looks in the pictures. I can throw a coat of paint on it if you like to spray it with anti corrosion. Ideally I do not want to ship this, but I could in a pinch on your dime...
  9. tgadd

    For Sale  FJ60 FJ62 Trail Tailor c-channel kit

    Brand new in box with hardware $100 + you pay shipping
  10. tgadd

    For Sale  FJ60 FJ62 Trail Tailor b-pillar panel

    Brand new in box $100 + you pay shipping
  11. ADVPIG

    Trail Tailor Tailgate Storage

    Finished install today. This is a quality setup. Trail Tailor makes a great product. Next weekend side cargo storage, then hopefully the TT sliders and rear bumper will be back from powder coat!!!!

    Builds  Trail Tailor- Custom Armor Build plus a few things

    @TonyP has commissioned me to build some custom bumpers and sliders for him and graciously allowed me to use the rig for a few other R&D items. Parts have been rolling in over the past two weeks and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. Going to happen: Front and rear bumpers...
  13. Tapered bearing spindle

    Tapered bearing spindle


    Trail Tailor Offerings

    I have been asked on countless occasions why I have product threads (racks and sliders mainly) on the other boards but not on the 60 forum. Well... not sure, I guess I "ASSUMED" most knew me and my offerings and my passion for the 60 series. Sliders, racks and custom one-off bumpers not to...
  15. Pierce

    Where have all the rear bumper fabricators gone!?

    Over the last month or so i have been bumper shopping. Looking for a expedition style bumper with no swings. All the bumpers that i like are out of production! IPOR is at the top of my list buuuut they arent doing 80 Series bumpers right now... This is where I'm at... -IPOR, re-designing with...


    About 2 years ago when visiting family in London, I got to ride in a Defender 110 with a Tough Dog lift kit equipped with adjustable shocks. I was absolutely blown away by the ride and handling compared to other lift kits I'd experienced in the past. Riding down the highway/motorway was one...
  17. 100 Front

    100 Front

    100 Front
  18. 100 Front

    100 Front

    100 Front
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    100 Front

    100 Front
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    100 Front

    100 Front
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