1. C123MS

    SOLD  Jack Handle - Brown Cast - FJ40

    Looking for a Brown Cast jack handle. Should be years 79-83, per the forums. Let me know. Thanks,
  2. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FOUND! M21x1.5 Tap Set (Borrow)

    EDIT: No longer looking (thanks SMG!) Hey MUD. Curious if anyone out there is willing to let me borrow their M21x1.5 taps (right and left hand threads). I am building my own tie rod and need to tap the holes. Long shot, but I figured I'd ask. I'd pay shipping both ways as well as a security...
  3. overton

    Wanted  Tools and/or Canvas Roll for a 1969 FJ40 Toolkit.

    I am trying to piece together a toolkit for a 1969 FJ40 FST. Need all or part. Thanks in advance, Greg
  4. J

    Wanted  Heater Clip / Jack Handle

    I'm in search of the following for 5/1977 FJ40: 1 rear heater clip (see picture) Yellow jack handle Thanks Jeff
  5. Pierce

    Wanted  Supercharger Belt tool

    I’m looking for the tool to loosen the supercharger tensioner pulley for the FZJ80. I think it looks like this... If anyone has one for sale or knows where i can buy one i’d Appreciate it. Don’t know how much they were new but I’ve got $100 ready to go.
  6. ccasteel

    TRE tool

    Does anyone have a better tool for removing TRE's than a pickle fork? It's just not getting the job done.
  7. OklahomaOvrland

    Wanted  100 series tool kit

    Looking for a 100 series tool kit. I have the jack I just need the rest of the tools.
  8. E

    Wanted  Tool Bag Bracket for 1978+ FJ40s

    I am looking for the bracket that holds down the tool bag on later model year FJ40s (believe 1979+). It was located underneath the rear passenger side jump seat. If anyone has one for sale, please PM me. Thanks,
  9. E

    Wanted  Tool Bag Bracket for Later Year FJ40s

    I am looking for the bracket that holds down the tool bag on later model year FJ40s. It was located underneath the rear passenger side jump seat. If anyone has one for sale, PM me. Thanks,
  10. Dedtruk

    For Sale  '72 FJ40 tool box lid & fuel line cover in southern NJ, USA

    The toolbox lid was sandblasted last year but picked up some surface rust in the interim. It's still in very nice condition. I found the pictured fuel line thing in a '72 parts rig a loooong time ago and assume (yes, I know) that its FJ40 but who knows? I also have the upper hardtop piece...
  11. mattv94

    Adventure Tool Company rolls

    Got my rolls in the other day and sorted my tools a bit. I packed them quite conservatively, you could squeeze in a lot more in them if you'd like. First one is the SportRoll. I decided to use it for my 3/8 and 1/2 ratchets, the respective sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, and my 19mm, 17mm, 14mm...
  12. hobbes

    Factory Tool Bag availability

    Looking for a canvas tool bag with handles for the lug wrench and jack handle. Toyota shows 09120-60100 being available for 1972-1980 FJ40s. However, on cruiserparts a search of that number shows a tool pouch like the one in my 80 series (09120-60111). Not sure if that is accurate or not...
  13. SuperDuperCruizer

    For Sale  SOLD: Toyota tool roll w/tools: Pliers, Reversable Screwdriver...

    $140 + shipping from 20912: Hard to find bits are all there and unused.
  14. upperblack

    FREE  FJ40 tool box - FREE - GA

    I got this tool box with a rig I purchased and I'll never use it. Fits right behind the front seats and is contoured to match the tub Runs the width of the tub Local pick up only please. I'm about 30 min north of Atlanta.
  15. NMC_EXP

    Need Advice: Rivet Nut Install Tool

    I need to buy a rivet nut installation tool. Wish list: -- Capable of at least 1/4". -- Fairly durable -- Price $75 max Question: Are the blank rivet nut slugs standard or do you have to buy Brand X nuts to use with a Brand X install tool? Ran across the Astro Pneumatic Tool Co model...
  16. Ten4GoodBuddy

    Wanted  Spare tire tool kit

    I'm in need of a spare tire tool kit for an 80 series. The Jack I have will work, I just need to be able to lower the spare tire. Any help is appreciated.
  17. flintknapper

    Bolt spacing, harmonic balancer? Making tool need to know.

    For the life of me....I can not find this information. I am making a 'holding tool' that will work for both my LX and my 80 series. Apparently the bolt spacing for my LX (100 series) is 65 mm center to center, so I have that info already, but I've read (in my searches) that the bolt spacing is...
  18. FJP971

    Front LCA Bushing Press Tool Loan?

    Anyone in the Portland, OR area have a bushing press tool I can borrow? I have a press but not the tool. Can't find a socket that fits and don't want to wait a week to get the tool from Slee. I'm replacing the 2 bushings/per LCA with caster adjustable bushings. Thanks in advance. Jason
  19. tawzerLX450

    Wanted  Tool kit and Jack for 97 80 (GA)

    I am in need of a tool kit and jack. Cant access my spare! Im located in Georgia.
  20. 98 SNAKE EATER

    Where can I buy rear axle hub tool in the US?

    Found many on EBay, but all from down under where the shipping is more than the actual tool :meh: Where can I get one in the US? Any of our sponsors carry them? Yes i know one can easily be made or substituted with a pair of screwy drivers, but I'd rather just have the right tool on hand ;)
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