1. ItsBavid

    Thermostat Install FZJ80

    Alright, this goes out to the people who are new at doing this job! It's really easy but there are a couple important things you need to know. These are the things you will need: 1) Thermostat: 90916-03117 2) Thermostat Gasket: 16346-66020 (order two, mine slipped and got crushed tightening up...
  2. Dragerman

    Wanted  1989 FJ62 Cold Start Timer Switch

    Hey guys, I am currently in search of a Cold start timer switch (8946220040) that will fit on my 89’ FJ62. Just bought the Cruiser and that piece is broken. Only having a problem finding this part, but if you also have the Thermostat housing lower (16333) and Thermostat housing gasket (16343)...
  3. 1

    88 FJ62 Dash Temp Gauge Help

    Hi all, Just finished changing the following on my 88 FJ62. All parts are from CCoT. water pump hoses belts thermostat aftermakert dash temp gauge sender radiator cap pretty sure all is burped sufficiently but not 100% certain. No leakage Despite being a bear of a job, it seemed to go well...
  4. jjh123

    Thermostat question

    So I have begun replacing parts on my cooling system starting with the radiator and all of the radiator hoses. Today I decided to take apart the thermostat housing, and to my surprise there is no thermostat. I have had no issues with my engine running cool, it typically holds 180* on long drives...
  5. LostAfrican

    Engine Temps,Thermostats, and Jiggle Valves

    At the risk of embarrassing myself (I should be used to it by now), and in the spirit of saving YOU from the same troubles...make sure your Thermostat Jiggle Valve is at the TOP! For sometime (too long) I have been unhappy with my engine temps. They were never bad/too high (never exceeding...
  6. mudterrain75

    SOLD  double post

    sold out already
  7. jmstu76

    FJ62 Fan Clutch (Fluid Coupler) availability

    Hey guys n gals, I am updating my cooling system. My '89 62 heats up when idling with the AC blasting and also heats up when flogging it on the hwy. NO redline overheating but it would most likely go there if I wasn't paying attention and just walked away. The cooling system has always...
  8. incudie

    No Heat - Not overheating

    So I recently did the heater Ts, timing belt, water pump, thermostat, etc. Everything has been working great since then EXCEPT, my heater doesn't seem to blow hot air unless I put it to max. =/ Previously, the digital temperature control seemed to work fine with smooth HVAC control. The engine...
  9. S

    Wanted  '91-'92 FJ80 3FE Upper and Lower Thermostat Housing

    Need a thermostat housing pair (upper and lower) with no rust or corrosion issues. Thanks!
  10. NelsWels

    Wanted  HJ45 H-1 lower thermostat housing for H diesel 1980's landcruiser

    Looking for a housing for HJ45 - the lower thermostat housing for H1 diesel 1980's Australian Landcruiser. NOT for H2 diesel. Will paypal, venmo, bitcoin, card, overnight, whatever i need to. Not the upper. I have that and the thermostat itself.
  11. Pantingfish

    Replaced radiator and thermostat now engine running hot?

    So I'm new to all this, I just replaced my radiator and thermostat today, I went to "burp" the air out, took the radiator cap off and heat defrost full blast, Ran the truck for about 30 min, never saw any bubbling coming out of the radiator at all, but thermostat gauge started going up and up...
  12. mtweller

    Quick ? on thermostat housing plumbing

    Redoing the plumbing on my 2FE and trying to decide which housing I'm going to run for the thermostat. I have a question about the 2F with oil cooler: In this photo, cool water is flowing FROM the water pump -> oil cooler -> thermostat upper housing, correct? I don't really get that...
  13. pandasfj

    For Sale  fj62 lower thermostat housing So.Cal

    Lower t stat housing with temp sensor. Front right threads have been rethreaded but still in good condition. $25 paypal fnds n fam. plus shipping .
  14. beecherjeeper

    Lower Thermostat Housing

    Did a search and came up empty. Anyone know of a source for the lower thermostat housing for a B engine, 2-hole base plate? There are none that I can find in the Philippines. Thanks.
  15. Ayc3

    Is my thermostat bad?

    On my way to work today I noticed my engine temp get up to 240 degrees. I switched on my heat and it went down to 220. It's normally around 216 degrees and had already replaced both upper and lower hoses and replaced pump and belts. Not sure if this is normal or if something else is wrong. Any...
  16. Redgrrr

    For Sale  2F thermostat housing.

    2F thermostat housing. Upper and lower castings. Came from a Fj60 $35 cheapest I've seen listed. I like to price stuff to sell...all bolts came out without breaking which I will include so you can get the proper size but it's best to replace and use anti-seize when reinstalled. Send me pm...
  17. pandasfj

    Wanted  fj62 lower thermostat housing

    Need a good lower housing in clean condition. Thanks.
  18. jvincig01

    Running cooler thermostat than OEM

    I am running a brand new oem thermostat but my cruiser has been running pretty hot lately. I know the OEM is 180 degrees but anyone know where I can find an aftermarket that works at 170? I realize it could be something else but I do want to start with the thermostat.
  19. red66toy

    Fluid control thermostat for transmission cooler

    Hey everyone, I am planning on adding a transmission cooler soon to my FJ62 and I was thinking of adding a fluid control thermostat (like this one Derale 25719: Fluid Control Thermostat 1/2" NPT | JEGS ) after the radiator and before the aux cooler. This way the aux cooler only comes online...
  20. masonbarnard

    Wanted  fj60 lower thermostat housing

    Just like the title says, i need the lower thermostat housing. I have the Jim C plug, and im getting a new BSV. But if you have it with bsv's i dont care. Ill pay for speedy fast shipping. please PM or comment. Thanks, Mason
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