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  1. C

    Broken front sway bar mounting point

    Something that I missed when inspecting my new LX470 before purchase: the front sway bar mounting point on the chassis is broken. Does anyone sell a replacement part? Or will I have to get this custom fabricated by a frame shop?
  2. maxjl2022

    ISO rear sway bar mounts, ideas?

    I bought my truck this past summer, a 1997 lx450, and it came without a front or rear swaybar. The p/o seems to have wanted that for offroad performance, but I am thinking of adding a rear bar and then maybe sorting out quick disconnects later if needed so as to not feel like death at highway...
  3. Brother BONES

    1987 HJ60 RHD Part Availability

    Hyd everyone. I am new to the forum and looking at buying a 1987 HJ60 that is RHD. Talking to the seller, he says it needs new sway arms (confirmed during the test drive). I am just cautious based on not know the part availability for a JDM RHD truck. Are the LHD parts such as sway arms...
  4. R

    Rear Sway Bar Upgrade for 200 series LC

    I'm thinking of upgrading the rear sway bar on my 2009 LC. Has anyone done this, and if so, any product suggestions (that work w/ KDSS) as well as added fitment products to compliment it ( links?). Or is that even a good idea for getting rid of the body roll on my ride? Greatly appreciate...
  5. Connorham

    Who's using rear Slee spring spacers??

    I put on Slee's 30mm rear spring spacers about 3 weeks ago. Trucks looks great but am getting clanking at slow speeds in parking lots/streets and what not. It rides fine at higher speeds. DISCLAIMER: they were NOT installed by Slee. At first I was thinking it was the rear springs not being...
  6. Connorham

    Denver Mechanic Needed(welding)

    Hey Everyone, I just moved to Denver and need to find a mechanic for my 100. I am in the North Denver area and looking for one who can do some frame welding. I have a broken sway bar link mount. Don't need him to be greatly TLC experienced, just trustworthy. I know Slee is best and close...
  7. T

    Sway Bar Quesiton

    I recently got rid of the KDSS sway bar system on my 200 series land cruiser, while it did improve small bump compliance over washboard roads and uneven terrain, I noticed that the tires would drop much faster when going over a pothole, ditch or even when the tires are free like driving out of a...
  8. AaKnight

    95 LC vs. LX450 Sway Bar Differences.

    I got a deal on a clean rear end from an lx450 with 128k on them. BUT the sway bars appear to be different, so wondering if anyone could fill me in on exactly what the difference in sway bars were. Any of you guys know if: Is there maybe a way to fit the LC sway bar to the lx450 axle? or...
  9. 04gto

    New & improved front sway Bar/anti-roll bar quick disconnect solution

    I just wanted to let everyone see the the disconnect mod evolution that I found after using a solution posted here by @Hayes. In his post was a two part modification. In brief: Part one was drilling out the captive threads for the bolt that hold the front sway bar link to the lower control arm...
  10. wngrog

    Putting a swaybar on 1984 rear axle

    I’ve been using my FJ60 for longer trips now that I’ve got a new fuel injected motor. I am about to put a RTT on it for the first time. I’ve been running an Alloy ARB roof rack with some weight on it but not quite as much as the new FrontRunner/AutoHome Columbus will be. Suspension now is an...
  11. RFB

    For Sale  NIB Currie Enterprises CE-9900JKF Antirock Front Sway Bar Kit

    I paid 465 plus last week, and I jumped the gun. I cant use this up front like I had hoped so Its your shipped CONUS for 375.00 this is the kit that can be modded for rear of LC 80 I already have heavy duty whiteline, soooo
  12. LandCruncher80

    For Sale  [SoCal - Irvine] FZJ 80 Front & Rear Sway Bars, Tow Hitch, Stock spare tire carrier

    For sale from a 1997 Landcruiser: Complete set (with frame mounting brackets) front and rear sway bars - $50 each. Local pick-up only. Note: Left side of pic shows a shadow from the sun underneath the front & rear sway bars. Also available for sale (from a 1997 LC) - will post pics later...
  13. emaxabundance

    82 fj60 needing to mount rear sway bar

    Hey guys, got a hold of a rear sway bar and am wanting to mount it to my 82 fj60. My year did not come with a sway bar or the mounts on the axle. I have seen several ubolt applications for this type of situation and am having trouble locating ones for my ride. Any ideas or help would be greatly...
  14. Niferous

    Rear Brake Shoe & Front Sway Bar Question

    I'm installing an Old Man Emu kit on my 1984 FJ60 and have a question on my front sway bar linkage. Whoever had the truck before me just used some long bolts for the linkage and they bent. They weren't even the same length! Anyway before I go and order a new set of sway bar links, will they fit...
  15. LCReunion

    Sway bar question

    So I've got a 99 LC with 244k on it...a couple months ago measured it and found I had about 1 1/2 inches of sag front and rear...replaced shocks all around with OEM...replaced rear springs with OME 2860's and cranked TB's...now I'm plus 1 inch above stock all around. Problem is that seems to be...
  16. LCReunion

    Sway bar question

  17. EWiz

    Sway bar bushing---Can't find any for sale

    I got a 1993 FZJ80 in need of the sway bar end bushings. Been searching the internet for days with no luck. Whiteline has something similar but looks different. Anyone know where I can get these for the front and rear sway bars? Thanks in advance.
  18. Camelback

    Wanted  Rear sway bar with frame attachment brackets FJ62

    I'm not sure if it came stock this way, of if the PO removed the sway bars, but I do not have a rear sway bar or the frame attachments. I did a 2" lift and along with slight bigger tires, I am uncomfortable with the amount of roll I have now have. If you just have the frame brackets, let me...
  19. NMC_EXP

    Sway Bar End Link Source?

    My '85 FJ60 has a lift installed by a previous owner. The front and rear sway bars may be aftermarket units. When I got it, the front sway bar end links were bare "all-thread" threaded rod with bushing/washer kits. No surprise but these break real easy even though I stay off the tough trails...
  20. B Todd

    OME 2.5" and sway bar blocks/longer brackets

    I just installed 2.5" lift. Looking into ordering sway bar disconnects from LCP. Will I need sway bar spacer/longer brackets? I read through his thread and it says to cycle suspension to check clearances. Just not sure if I should order the blocks/brackets as well with just a 2.5" lift.
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