1. R

    Stolen > Blue FJ62 (1989)

    Hey IH8MUD, First time poster here, but I have really enjoyed reading these forums the last 5 years. This desperate post is a bit of a hail mary--I just found out today that my LC was stolen. And I'm pretty gutted. I had been parking/storing my 1989 FJ62 at my work's private garage in...
  2. J

    STOLEN 88 FJ62 - Portland Oregon

    Hey all, Putting this out there for good measure. My 62 was stolen in Portland OR last night. Looking for a 1988 Landcruiser that was stolen last night or this morning inner SE Portland, OR. 1988 Toyota Landcruiser - Gold - mostly stock appearance. Small dent above rear bumper on drivers...
  3. J

    Edit: FJ62 Stolen in Portland, OR - FOUND!

    Hey all, just walked out the door to go to work and had the sinking feeling when I saw the empty parking spot where my rig had been last night. It's a gray 1990 FJ62 (blue interior) with custom front and rear bumpers and rear tire carrier, OME lift on 31" rubber, and h55 conversion. License...
  4. OffRoadScott

    Be on the look out

    Good afternoon. Sometime between 1700 last night and 1230 today the Warn winch was stolen off our company truck. The model is unknown but it should be pretty easy to recognize, the wires were cut a few inches back from the winch. If you see it for sale somewhere please call us at the shop...
  5. O

    STOLEN FJ60!

    My beauty 1984 FJ60 was stolen last evening between 7 and 10 in Berkeley California. Please keep an eye out and let me know if you see it in the Bay area or beyond. The data: 1984 FJ60 Land Cruiser Tomato Soup Red, faded to matt and patina white on hood and roof. Brown interior OME lift kit...
  6. medtro

    Stolen 100

    Stolen. Damn.
  7. tucson100

    STOLEN  Stolen. Damn.

    Just in the remote case anybody sees a posting or happens to be near Tucson driving around and see my cruiser. It was just stolen from my driveway an hour ago. Chased it down the street bare foot in my pjs. Not sure what I was gonna do. Anyway. Here is a pic. If anyone has a 100 they are...
  8. bgcoleman

    STOLEN  STOLEN FZJ80 JT3HJ85J3T0116494 Walnut Creek CA

    1996 FZJ80 stolen from Walnut Creek CA on March 1st 2017 . Grey, 3" OME lift. California Black Legacy Plates "34 PAPI" (RED SOX FAN Obviously) Tan leather interior. All my fishing gear, camping gear, 2 ton hydraulic jack. "Drink Tahoe Brew" sticker on back window.
  9. Shayd Johnson


    My 1985 BJ60 was stolen last night in Chinatown, Vancouver. Brown, with tepui rooftop tent ( may have been removed by now ) front ARB bumper, rusted out rocker on driver side, 445000kms, off centre steering wheel, brown interior, purple tint on rear window... No questions asked for return. will...
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