1. SgtChase

    Starting FJ60 thats been sitting issues.

    We turned this FJ60 over for the first time in 4 years yesterday, it has New fuel pump/filter Restored gas tank New fuel lines Professionaly redone carb New coolant lines New vacuum lines Blocked off carb heater Idles like poo, fuel cut off solenoid wont work so we have it bypassed on. Only...
  2. Col Monty

    Intermittent starting

    Hi all, 1996 UK spec HDJ80 (1HD-FT) with 24 to 12 volt conversion. It has developed intermittent starting issues after 3 days of constant water crossings and mud in the Central Kalahari a few days ago. Nothing up to bonnet (hood...) level but constant water. Quite regularly this happens...
  3. Zeus0623

    FJ60 Starting Issue

    Hello Mud Family! Question for you all. My FJ60 has trouble starting (sometimes). This issue typically happens when the car has sat for a while but is not always the case. When I crank the motor, I will just hear a click and no cranking. I will have to be very specific with my key turn to...
  4. hammerheadfistpunch

    Starting problem

    So here is my starting problem 1. sitting overnight or long enough to cool down - cranks but doesn't start (I can sit and crank it as long as I want) 2. turn ignition off then back on it fires up but the tach shows an electronic stumble right at first (revs jumping around too fast to be real...
  5. 04gto

    Fuel Pump diagnosis

    Hello fellow mudders. I had a crank but no start issue out of nowhere yesterday. First thought was F***!, the immobilizer issue has struck me! But no, I quickly ruled that out, when I shot some starting fluid into the throtttle body and it started right up....and then died. Not getting fuel. I...
  6. nickinportland

    Lag in Ignition and starting up

    Starting to see an intermittent problem in the way my truck has been starting for the past couple of weeks. The basic issue is that I turn the key over and the engine doesn't attempt to turn over until after a couple of seconds. This happens when the truck is hot or cold and it doesn't seem that...
  7. 72toy

    Finally starting my 72 make-over

    Just opened lol the air cond./heater,...hope it works well . Some of you will know probably some pros and cons, but its better than I've down or up lol. Been working on bumper. Something to protect the Oldie 8000 lb Warn winch from the oncoming deer in our area. Other rigs been...
  8. haze1964

    Intermittent Starting - 80 w/mechanic, need guidance

    Could really use some guidance. I’ve had an intermittent starting problem for several years. Finally getting serious about fixing it. Truck either cranks up easily, or I get the one click and then nothing. Will usually start after several tries. There have been times when I try approx 20...
  9. S

    Jump starting 24v from a 12v

    Quick question. I have a 24v system (juat one battery). My 24v battery is dead. Can i jump start it using a car with a 12v electrical system? Thanks,
  10. LustigFahrer

    Phantom starting problem

    Last year I had a problem with my car - it started turning over during the night and since it was in gear it drove slowly against the handbrake into the fence. It was still trying to push over the fence when I woke. Since then, it has been to the auto elec and they said that they couldn't find...
  11. Jay-

    Im really starting to like this rig.

    Not smogged but Iv done a lot of little stuff and some big stuff like carb, hell a lot of stuff thousands so far. Im thinking this is an awesome rig. Im going to install a VW vanagon camper system in the back. (remove rear bench seat, install a single size futon, 12V refregitaor that I got from...
  12. seatosummit

    91 FJ80 Intermittent Starting Issue

    Hi All- I have a 91 FJ80 that has developed a starting hesitation. It first emerged about three months ago and has seems to have worsened gradually to the point that now nearly every start seems to require about 10 seconds of cranking. What I know: The starter is good (with new contacts) and...
  13. AirheadNut

    HDJ81 24v Starting System Issues

    After a week and a half of sitting in a garage my HDJ81 is refusing to crank. Everything seems to work normally until I turn the key to the "start" position, when a bunch of relays can be heard clicking but the starter doesn't even try to crank. So far I have tested the following: -Starter...
  14. utahisrad

    Hiccup While Starting

    Right after the engine starts, it drops RPMs and then goes back up again and idles fine. I've only noticed it recently, haven't done much that I suspect would have caused it. Any ideas on what could be the issue? Tried searching but didn't find anything. Thanks everyone
  15. trekker9

    94 Starting Issues

    Hello All, Sometimes my 94 doesn't want to start. For instance, I will drive it to work, come out 10 hours later and when I turn the key I get nothing. Pop the hood, shake the battery a little bit and it fires right up. Seems to only happen after I have driven it and let it sit outside. When I...
  16. theamigo

    New Owner - Starting a Restoration on an '81

    Hey, Just wanted to introduced myself to everyone. I originally posted a "WANTED" ad looking for an FJ55, but for various reasons I decided to make my first restoration an FJ40. I'd been looking for a project vehicle for months. I found this one local to me and picked it up last weekend. My...
  17. J

    Please help me diagnose FJ60 starting issues - video included

    Hi this if my first post to the forum and I am a lucky new (to me) owner of a 1982 FJ60. I am new to all of this, but am having some issues right after I start her up and made a video to show the issues I am having. I read a bunch of threads but because of not having video reference (and being...
  18. BreckenridgeCruiser

    Smoke at low side (24v) battery terminal when starting - 38v at high side!

    Hey all, So I have been having trouble starting for a while now and after cleaning the solenoid on the starter I put the starter back in. When I tried to start it I had smoke coming from my low side + terminal and what looked like welding slag from the terminal possibly melting a bit. I...
  19. Helocrazed

    HJ60, 24v system, battery gauge starts at 16V and jumps to 26v after starting engine

    Just that, two brand-new batteries. When I turn the key to the first stop the gauge registers at about 18-20 V and battery light is illuminated and then when I go to start, the gauge shoots up past 24 and stays at 26 V. I have to be honest I didn't notice it before. Help?
  20. handcannon

    What's Better, Two 12V Batteries In Parallel, Or Two 6V Batteries In Series

    While reading the current thread "HJ60 starter system issue" I started thinking about dual batteries in a 12 volt system. This is something I've wondered about before, but never could get any definitive answers for. My question is this: which can be stronger/better, dual 12V batteries wired up...
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