1. B

    Stall after starting sometimes. Time to change battery?

    Hey all, It's been in the teens and low 20's the last few days and the car is cranking a little longer than normal to start. Today I was leaving the store and started it but it died immediately after starting. I restarted it and let it crank a little bit longer and it was fine. I have been...
  2. suttonkb

    3FE Help Needed!

    I've recently resurrected a 1992 80. It needed head gaskets, so I replaced them. I also did a mild tune up while I was putting everything back together. This includes new ignitor, ignition control module, spark plugs, wires, rebuilt head, distributor, and retimed it. I have been tackling...
  3. K

    Please advise for stall Problem Codes P0172 & P0175 - banks to rich?

    I am looking for help before I shoot my LX 470!!! I purchased my 2001 LX 470 in March of 2017. The LX 470 had no known problems when I purchased it but, since I plan on keeping this LX 470 forever I took straight to my local Toyota dealership to get a baseline on all maintenance items. From...
  4. W

    Stall at start/vaccum leak

    So long start short I my car just Rieves and stalls when starting unless I absolutely floor it and hold the rims at 3000 for 30 seconds, also found this vaccum leak, help!!!
  5. zipdoa

    HDJ81 - No start issues after stall while idling

    Was adjusting max fuel on 1HD-T and turned it down a bit. Idle lowered as a result and was about to adjust idle screw when motor stalled. Didn't seem like it stalled from lack of fuel though. Now it turns over but no start (lots of grey smoke when trying to start). I'm now noticing that the...
  6. mcp13

    Charge Lamp - Intermittently Lit upon Starting

    Sometimes the dashboard Charge Lamp on my '84 FJ60 does not light when I turn on the ignition. Without a lit Charge Lamp, the cruiser wont run properly, and I fry my alternator. We've changed the Charge Lamp relay, alternator, checked all voltage, checked grounds, corrected shorts, checked the...
  7. A

    Vehicle stall over 3000 rpms

    I have a 1991 HDJ81. When I rev the vehicle between 3000 and 3500 rpm's for maybe 5 seconds or so the vehicle stalls. Does anyone know why this is happening? This was after I had driven the vehicle for over an hour. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks!
  8. DeeRex

    Abrupt RPM drop while driving/coasting - 3FE

    Sorry for the long post. I really believe in providing as much info up front. I appreciate you taking the time to help. I drive a 91 FJ80 with the 3FE. I am desmogged completely (no EGR/Cats/Air Pump). I started having a trifecta of issues last weekend while on my club's annual ride. 1) Belt...
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