1. Lutz Auto

    Lutz Auto - Speedometer Correction Device

    We are pleased to bring you the fully plug-and-play Lutz Auto Speedometer Calibrator for 80/100 series landcruiser's/LX's. This speedometer calibrator is fully adjustable and has no latency issues. After installing and calibrating it, you will forget that it exists! Ships quickly from the...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal: FJ80 Speed sensors: One for 91-92, One for 93-97, SPEEDOMOTER CLUSTERS

    Get your speedo working again! Complete Instrument Clusters with all guages 93 to 97 $100, Speedo Only $90 Complete Instrument Cluster 91-92 $135, Speed Sensors from Transfer Case $85 each All items can be shipped.
  3. vankho

    What would you do? Speedometer/Odometer Troubleshoot

    I'm a new (and beginner) FJ62 owner and one of the first projects I'm working on is getting the speedometer and odometer fixed, which are both non-functioning, so I can baseline the first tune-up. Thanks to this forum, I've been able to troubleshoot it but I honestly don't know what I'm looking...
  4. C123MS

    Wanted  Working Early 1980 Speedometer Assembly

    Looking for an early 1980 speedometer assembly (See picture below for the full Speedometer, for reference). Really only need certain parts (specifically, the plastic housing that holds the mechanism together and clean dials), but will buy the whole assembly, if the price is right. Thanks,
  5. jjh123

    For Sale  FJ40/43/45 SPEEDOMETER cluster $100

    Unknown condition on the gauges. Odometer works, however, speedo needle is broken. Gauge is in KM/H. $100 plus shipping. 214-676-3084
  6. E

    Speedometer and Tachometer don't work

    I've got a '91 FJ80 with about 220,000 miles on it. I bought it earlier this year and since purchasing, neither the speedometer nor tachometer have functioned at all. The odometer does work 👍. I ordered a new speedo cable but haven't installed it yet, wanted to hop on here first. I have a couple...
  7. bpassmore

    Yellow Box Generation 5 Install Instructions

    Since I couldn't find this online (Official home page of the Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator only has v3 and v4 on line) - i scanned this for posterity. Hope it helps someone. (Works amazingly well, fyi)
  8. BMThiker

    Speedo correction

    I've been daily driving my FJC since July 2006. I've had larger tires on it since Nov 2006. I put bigger gears in the diffs a little bit later. But I've been relying on my ScanGauge II for an accurate speedometer reading all this time. I calibrated it between 6-7% depending on what my GPS...
  9. V

    Gauge cluster (Part # 83100-60180) compatibility w/ my '71 FJ40

    I just bought a new gauge cluster on eBay for my '71 FJ40. My original cluster is pretty worn out (lots of fading/scratching along with a non-working odometer) . The speedometer on the one I just bought reads in km/h but that doesn't bother me. I have been researching how to install it and have...
  10. F

    Speedometer and tachometer both "gone" simultaneously.

    Both my speedometer and tachometer both stopped working at the same time on mystic 1983 FJ60. By stopped working I mean "both don't move from zero". If the tach is based on a signal from the voltage regulator, and the speedo is based on a signal from the speedo gear in the tranny housing, what...
  11. Grouchy

    Wanted  Speedometer/Odometer (No longer needed)

    my 1974 spins the tenths digit, but no more. Anyone have parts to rebuild/replace the unit that I could take off their hands? Cheers and thanks!
  12. Witzer78

    Speedometer Noise

    I have read several threads regarding this, but didn't find an answer (please direct me to it if there is!). I pulled apart the instrument cluster and looked at the gearing inside the speedometer. There is a metal gear that comes out from the back and turns a series of plastic gearing. The...
  13. 73FJ40

    Routing of speedometer and e-brake cables

    Could someone please confirm the appropriate routing of these cables? It's a stock '73 FJ40. Above or below the clutch fork? Above or below the PTO gearbox (picture shows PTO blanking cover, but I'm adding the PTO gearbox and drive shaft once I refurbish it.) Any particular clamps or...
  14. C

    1991 HDJ80R Pulse Speed/Cruise sender

    Hey guys, So I am right at the finishing line at restoring cruise control in my 91’ Sahara. New OEM Speedo cable, throttle cable, actuator cable, actuator and computer - has been an absolute ball ache but I’m feeling confident I’m almost home. Anyway, the final piece of the jigsaw is the...
  15. EscapeWagon62

    FJ62 Speedometer Noise - Disassemble, Clean , Swap WITH PHOTOS

    Ive been chasing noise in my FJ62 speedometer. Replaced the cable, lubed where the cable enters the speedo but the fluttering noise still existed. I disassembled, cleaned and eventually realized that the noise was coming from the speed cup (magnet) which isn’t serviceable as far as I know. (I...
  16. T

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    It's on the speedo. My thumb and index finger are each on a piece connected by the wires in between This piece comes out on the front and can be pushed, but to what effect, i have no idea
  17. V

    Speedo and tach gauges read high on long drives

    I just updated from my 2000 LC to a 2004 LC and went on my first longer highway drive this weekend (3.5 hours each way to Steamboat Springs and back). I had just replaced the battery and hadn't noticed before on shorter drives, but after about 1.5 hours the speedo and tach started reading really...
  18. Gregol

    After heavy rain on highway speedometer and kilometer counter dead

    Hello, Just drove into a beautiful storm on the highway in South of Spain. When the rain stopped I realized my speedometer and kilometer counter stopped too. Where should I start to look? Is this a classic trouble? Happy New Year G
  19. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser Dash board panels, switches, instruments

    So CAl FOR FJ80 series. NO CDL Switches. Everything else, guages, cluster, switches, dash panels for different year FJ80s Steering Column Cover for 95-97 only. Message for prices. $10 to $100
  20. E

    Spedo Help / Restoration?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for speedometer repair and restoration ? Thanks,
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