1. Marleyws

    Wheel cylinders are different sizes fj40

    Rebuilding my wheel cylinders. Long story short I had to grab one from my 71 parts 40 to use on my 70 build. On the exterior they are the same size and look the same. The bore and pistons are different sizes. Will it matter? Will it screw up the stopping power and make it uneven?
  2. Guu

    Front Axles / Diff sizes

    I know I know another day another thread from me about axle housings and diffs. I'm sorry! I found another car out bush a 75 pick up with the leaf spring front end. I pull the axle housing real excited that i had found the last bit i need to rebuild my 73 but having got it home its different...
  3. Gunky

    Fender/Mud Flap Bolt Sizes

    I'm looking for the bolt sizes for the inner fender, along the edge that bolts upwards towards the outer fender. Also, the bolt size of the ones that connect the piece that goes from the front fender flare to the stock side runners. It looks like it's a unique bolt, similar to the ones that are...
  4. E

    Oil Filter Sizes

    I am getting ready to do my first DIY oil change on my 100 series. I see that people sometimes use a larger oil filter. When I lookup what fits my truck, it says WIX 51348. But I see some people using the larger WIX 51515. Does it make a difference which one is used?
  5. waiting for time

    Measurements of an '81 tub.

    Can someone help with the measurements of the tub of their '81 40? Mine is a bit mis alligned by a roll over and some brown stuff, I would like to position everything correct before I start to weld in new steel. I'm looking for openings, with measurements over different positions and some...
  6. MisipLC

    Bolt Sizes - A/C Compressor Bracket

    Anyone know the size, thread and length of 4 bolts that mount the compressor bracket to the side of ending, the one bolt that goes in the front, and bolts mounting compressor to bracket?
  7. Navyator

    Help for a newbie

    Hey all, There are a few things I'm looking to do with my 1991 FJ80, but I'm running into some questions that I don't have the answer for. For example: I want to put new wheels/tires on it. Right now it's on stock 15" rims and has no lift kit. I want to move up to 16 or 17" rims to expand...
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