1. ibrahim83

    Picking up audio signal pre amp on Navi 03+

    I currently have my system as follows, USA Spec bt45 --> Head Unit --> Factory JBL amp --> Mosconi 6to8V8 DSP --> JL MX amps in the cargo area --> infinity components & JL sub. Is there a way to bypass the JBL amp? the reason i went with the plan above was that the schematics for the car...
  2. Randy88FJ62

    FJ62 front turn signal screws/bolts? Lenth / pitch?

    Someone stole the magnetic tray on my bumper and took the screws holding the turn signal with them. So I need to source new screws/bolts. They are the long ones with the philips head. I can measure at home if no one knows off the top of their head. Thanks.
  3. markdrm1

    ARB turn signal or parking lights?

    Mine have never been wired up. Have you ARB bumper owners wired yours as blinkers or parking lights? Also, what would you consider the proper way to wire them up? Just splice it somewhere?
  4. Catfish28

    Wanted  Front marker light signal part

    need a part for my front left turn signal. Pic of the broken one attached. The little "ear" that the rest of the internals/sockets attached to is broken off and mia. Assume the connection is needed to get ground to the light. Could do some rigging I suppose to get the ground but wanna do it...
  5. Catfish28

    Front turn signal housing color?

    I've looked on the forum but can't find an answer. I have the 2 sets of front turn signals shown in the pic. I'm trying to figure out if the Grey or black housing color is correct for my 78. I see them both for sale new here and there but can't seem to find info on when the switch was from...
  6. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale  [CA] FJ40 Turn Signal Covers

    These came off my old 40. Don't need them anymore. 40+ship
  7. J

    LX470 turn signal relocation

    wanting to relocate front turn signals on 1999 LX470 from lower bumper to upper side marker lights. Could have sworn read something on here about it by my search foo just isn't pulling any info up on it.. Any help be great thanks
  8. mudterrain75

    SOLD  Semaphore turn signal lights FJ25

    Bought already, thanks!
  9. OldRocDoc

    Turn Signal Wiring ?

    I purchased a set of aftermarket turn signals for my FJ45 project. The wire colors do not correspond to any published diagrams that I have found: Red with blue stripe Green with yellow stripe Green Any ideas on which is ground, running and turn?
  10. P

    Signal Generator fj62 dizzy???

    Anyone ever replaced one with any success....and if so where did you find the parts?? Kinda hard to believe they made the entire dizzy unrepairable....somewhere someone has to have them if they are making aftermarkets , one would think anyway......
  11. 71greenpig

    Wanted  Turn signal relay

    I have a 72, need the flasher relay. My left blinker will not flash. Come on and stays lit up. The right side flashes like normal. Wondering if anybody has a good one to spare.
  12. MikePL

    Right turn signal not blinking all of a sudden.

    So I have a problem that's got me puzzled. I have been driving the vehicle a few times today and everything worked normally, but in the evening suddenly the right turn signals are not blinking: 1. Right arron constantly ON 2. Front yellow bulb ON, back yellow bulb ON 3. All works OK when...
  13. M

    Wanted  LX470 DRIVER's Turn Signal

    As stated, looking for a good condition DRIVERS SIDE turn signal lamp. My tab is broken and the lamp plastic is cracked. Would also entertain a pair so they're both "evenly" worn Shipped to CT - 06611.
  14. BGMachine

    Turn signal blowing fuse problem

    Good evening all, I was hoping one of you would be able to shed some light on my situation. Yesterday when I was out driving, I noticed that suddenly my turn signals no longer worked. I tested out the hazards and that still worked. When I got home I checked the fuse and it was blown. I...
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