1. 4G63 POWER

    Seattle area members

    Looking for some advice/ help. Looking for someone with a garage/ tools that can remove a cat and install/ weld/ fab a temporary test pipe in the Seattle area. Or a shop that will do this. It's not a Toyota, it's an old mitsu.
  2. Pedro60

    For Sale  2016 4Runner SR5 Premium Wheels (Seattle)

    Took these off yesterday at 5k miles. Not a scratch on them and will be cleaned before pickup/shipping $400 plus shipping for the set. Pickup preferred
  3. jatree

    Wanted  1994-97 80

    edited 05/17/18 because I'm still looking: 94-97, with less than 200k miles, clean and maintained Willing to go up to $10k I know what I'm looking for so if you are selling or thinking about it, please reach out. WA/OR/CA/ID/ and further for nice trucks Thanks ----- 03/25/18 Looking for...
  4. chopperjamie

    New guy in Seattle area, just bought a 1998 LC

    Greetings, My name Jamie and I just bought a 1998 Land Cruiser. I have been doing research for the past few months trying to figure out best year/model. A lot of the LC/LX I found were East Coast cars that had been recently imported to the West Coast. No offense to East Coasters, but I grew up...
  5. James Warner

    Wanted  Early(ish) Front Bench Seats and Rear Jump Seats (1967)

    Hello Fellow Mudders, My recently acquired project is lack the factory front seats (non-headrest version). I'm looking for at the minimum decent frames of which I can restore. I'm located in the Seattle area but would be happy to travel for the right seats (and other parts?); I can bring my own...
  6. pnwcruiser

    Wanted  LX450 or Land Cruiser (1996-1997) in or near Seattle

    I'm on the hunt for a black LX450 or Land Cruiser (1996-1997) in any color other than green. In or near Seattle. Prefer with lockers, but condition, mileage and maintenance are higher priority over lockers. thanks, Mike
  7. jfreidbe

    1981 22R Seattle

    I have a 1981 22R short bed 2WD pickup that I purchased with 70K miles on it. Given its age, I think it sat around a lot. It's a solid truck that starts up and runs, but it would be better with some expert help. It needs a carburetor rebuild, and I suspect a lot of other parts are starting to...
  8. ishunko

    GX470 in Issaquah, WA (Great Seattle area)

    Hello everybody, Just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself and ask for some references. Here is my truck, the 10 years old 2005 GX470, approaching 100K. I bought it couple month ago (before I was a happy owner of the 06 Xterra and a the 15 4Runner) I have installed the back...
  9. O

    Overland built 2006 Lexus GX470 - Seattle

    $17,500 OR Best offer (negotiate with me on this since these things are really hard to put a price on) It's got way more time and money than this in it...but i know how this goes Blue book on it for my area is around 16,500 stock... 130K miles All services cup to date and completed by Toyota...
  10. LeftHandRev

    Seattle Based BJ70

    Hi all, I just joined the forum about a month ago. I just got my '88 BJ70 on Monday from Amazing Auto Imports in Richmond, BC. It's got ~79,500km and zero rust. I'm really enjoying it. This is my first Land Cruiser and honestly, with the mileage it has and how much I tend to put on cars, may...
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